The Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon – A Top Christmas Gift Idea For 2008

Thinking of Christmas presents for your toddler or preschooler? Radio Flyer has come up with a great idea in the Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon, or a SUV version of the classic Radio Flyer Wagon. The simplicity of the original Radio Flyer Wagon is there, but with features like dual 5-way flip and fold out seats, seat belts, and cupholders, why choose anything else? Built for the toddler in mind, it also includes additional features like a front axel to avoid tipping, and sturdy tires for a bump-free ride. A removable UV sun canopy helps protect your precious cargo from sunburn.

The spacious wagon has room enough for your toddler and sibling or friend and room for necessities like a favorite toy, drinks and snacks. Blankets and pillows can also be tucked away to prepare for naptime. Naptime won’t be missed since your toddler will have a comfy bed. The wagon can also be converted into a fort, post office, store, or more. Your child will continue to have fun with their wagon as they get older when they’re able to pull their wagon around the house or yard with their toys in tow. When your toddler is happy, so is Mom and Dad! telescopic bollards

Mom & Dad will like the simple to pull very long handle that alleviates bumping into the wagon and the option to fold down the handle for easy storage. Fears are eased during walks because the front axle helps prevent tipping and makes maneuvering easier around bumps and dips. Although huge in size, the Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon can be packed away for trips away from home. We often used our wagon for trips to the park, on family outings, or on walks to the grocery store. Even after children outgrow their Pathfinder Wagon they can still uses it in the garden, for a lemonade stand, or for other other yard fun. It’s a great reminder of fun childhood and family memories and will stay in your family for many years.