Tall Toilets for Tall People

I am over 6 ft 2 inches tall, and I have a real issue with the normal elongated toilets that many people use these days. They are just too low to sit on and be comfortable. And as a man, I like to take a book or the newspaper into the toilet with me, and by the time I come out, my knees are killing me. But, there is an alternative that can work really well.

If you have never heard of tall toilets, sometimes also referred to as ADA toilets, then you might want to do a bit of a search to find out about them. These toilets are a couple of inches higher that the standard height toilets that you buy today, and that couple of inches makes a big difference if you are tall, elderly, or have a bad back or some other chronic leg condition. Since the American Disabilities Act came into force, commercial premises have been required to provide toilets for those 토토사이트 members of the population with disabilities, and ADA toilets are now common in many public places.

But they do cross over very nicely into the home environment, and can be bought for not much more than the cost of your standard toilet. One thing to consider when buying a toilet like this, is who will be using it? If you have very young kids, or short members of the family, they will probably not enjoy the extra height. The ideal situation is to have two rest rooms if possible, one with the tall toilet in it, and the other with a standard height one. This allows the best of both worlds for the inhabitants of the house. Toto toilets are a very good brand, and they also sell taller toilets, as well as a great range of compact and standard dimension loos as well.