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Sex Trafficking of Children in America

Child Sex Trafficking in America is Real. Although exact numbers are difficult to ascertain, the general consensus is an estimated 300,000 children are sold in the United States each year.

The stigma surrounding these children is often in the terminology we use to label them: prostitutes, runaways, juvenile delinquents and even addicts are common when in fact they are victims of sex trafficking. Please understand,I do not seek to minimize the impact of rape; however, these children suffer even more… sometimes up to thirty times a night, yet we tend to show no compassion assuming they want to be on the streets or in the bars and should be locked up to be taught a lesson literotica. It should be known 25% of these children are sold by a parent or family member and about half of the 800,000 children who run away each year are lured into sex trafficking.

Often runaway’s are leaving home because they believe their life on the streets would be better than current living conditions. It is therefore vital for us to inform our youth about sex trafficking and to take an active role inside our homes, schools and churches. Additionally, traffickers are using women and girls more often now to gain the trust of children being recruited for this crime. We must also educate our children to no longer believe a unknown women is more trustworthy than a man. The most common spots for a child to be lured is junior high and high schools, internet, shopping malls, parks and playgrounds, and from foster homes. Another misconception is this does not happen to boys. Note, the average age for a girl to be lured or forced into sex trafficking is 12 -14 and boys is 11- 13.

55% of street children (runaways) are forced into prostitution and of those 80% have a pimp. These pimps are not your common street thugs – this is often a highly sophisticated and organized crime. Sex trafficking is the second largest crime in America, and second only to drug trafficking. These traffickers are often referred to as pimps and are master manipulators who win over the victim with false love and trust in what is referred to as a grooming period. The grooming period is critical to attaining long term mind control. This includes warmth, gifts, and elaborate promises of a better life, faster money and future luxuries.The process of grooming is performed to gain complete control using physical, mental and emotional means.Traffickers target minors because children are easier to control and with youthful appearances, they bring more money to the stables (where children live).

This is not just happening to children of poverty, this happens in your neighborhoods and communities – the children you pass by every day, children who go to school and church with you, but often times we do not know what to look for or are too consumed to notice what’s happening before our very eyes.

The life expectancy of a child forced into sex trafficking is just seven years and only 1% of these children are rescued. Child sex trafficking knows no race, creed or background.

Some of the red flags to look for in children being sold is chronically missing school, running away, carrying excessive amount of cash or hotel room keys. Lying about there name or age, having branding such as tattoos, jewelry, inconsistency in stories or scripted speech with no eye contact. They may also have no knowledge of there whereabouts and speak of moving often. They will likely have signs of injuries/physical abuse or torture, and there attitudes is fearful, anxious, nervous, submissive, any child whose prostituting under the age of 18 or claims to be an adult although appearance suggest adolescent feature are all signs which need to be reported.

Many times the children who are rescued come through the quiet observation of someone noticing something out of the ordinary and taking action. When a child is sold every 2 minutes we can not turn a blind eye?

As a survivor of child sex trafficking, and the founder of the organization “For the Sake of One” (FSO) a nonprofit corporation who’s foundational belief is a single life transformed is worth whatever the price; I believe numbers are numbing and statistics are demoralizing. Without a name or face these children become too easy to ignore, but if we break the numbers down to represent our ability to transform one life then we truly make a lasting difference. FSO reaches out to girls and boys ages 11-17 who have been victims of domestic sex trafficking to ignite, confidence, courage and inner strength within them as we provide the love, protection and guidance these children so desperately need and deserve in order to heal from the injustice and unspeakable abuse they have endured. We believe all children are a gift from God and each has been created with a unique purpose. With love and service, we know these children can succeed and lead productive lives.

In closing, sex trafficking is indeed a global concern and we applaud the organizations who’s focus is to aid all children. Although we are painfully aware of this global problem, there is also a substantial and immediate need in America for services and supportive housing. By no means do we seek to diminish the need for a global response; however, our primary focus is the child victim found within the boarders of the United States.