Prosperity Affirmations – A Form of Hidden Subliminal Messages

The dictionary defines subliminal messages as words or thoughts which communicate in the case of words and formulate in the case of ideas somewhere below the conscious mind’s level of awareness. In order to see how prosperity messages are a form of hidden subliminal messages we first must be sure we have a definition in our mind for each of these two very important words: affirmations, and prosperity. The dictionary definition of ‘affirm’ is to maintain that something is true 분당스웨디시.

Applying this definition to the word ‘affirmations’ means that we assert that something exists and is true. There are many definitions for ‘prosperity’ but basically this word expresses a feeling of abundance, fullness, or complete and utter satisfaction. Take a moment to play that old ‘word association’ game and let’s see what happens. For most people, if you say ‘prosperity or abundance’ the first word that comes to mind is either ‘money or financial’. If we continue the game, if the words ‘fullness and satisfaction’ are used, the first word that would occur to the average person probably has nothing to do with money, finance or financial.

In order to attract prosperity to our lives, we have to first realize that prosperity comes from deep down inside ourselves and not from or under the control of any outside force. You have to believe you deserve something. The first problem most often encountered in doing this is getting rid of all the negative ‘stinking thinking’ that jumps into the mind. Someone once said ‘our thoughts give birth to our realities’.

Most all of us as children, has heard of the story of ‘The little engine that could’. When the little engine was heading up the hill, as long as it said ‘ I think I can’, it continued to climb steadily up the hill. Once the engine reached the top, on the way down, it said ‘I thought I could’. This little childhood story is a wonderful illustration of how prosperity affirmations become reality. The first step in attracting prosperity into our lives is to state our desire in the present tense “I think’ accompanied by why this desire is important to you. The second step is to use only positive words to formulate your desire “I think I can”.

The next step is harder for most people. This is to identify all the blocks already in your mind. There is a big difference between ‘I think I can’ and “I hope I can” or “I think maybe I can’. One of the biggest blocks is the feeling that you don’t deserve to have your desire become a reality.

The only way to get rid of the blocks is to expand your belief system. The best way to do this is to look at your present situation and affirm by voicing and perhaps writing down the idea that ‘the best is yet to come’.