Products Produced In China

I just came back from China, looking for products from china, was my mission. I also wanted the price to be ridiculously cheap, and it all fell in to my lap. I found new products , at very affordable prices.

Top 20 Profitable Made in China Products List

In actual fact, the prices were not just inexpensive they were ridiculous. Cheap does not mean that quality is hampered, it just means that they have the ability to make cheap Chinese product, not cheap bad quality products. Bad quality is unavoidable, but what is good quality for some people, is shocking quality for others China’s silk road economic belt.

The fallacy of having child labor working in the factories, otherwise known as sweat houses is in fact a fallacy, this is absolute rubbish. There is a huge government fine for breaking this law. Not even in the deep country where there are no people to police this law, is there any type of child labor. This may have been a past time acceptable practice, but now China has become more westernised, and probably civilized. But I do not believe in this rubbish, I think that this is what clever business people do to protect their investments they lie. But this is all rumor and not fact, the fact is buying products produced in china are cheap to say the least.

The price of products is cheap because of the quantity that they manufacture of a style, as we know mass production greatly reduces the cost of each item, because the price of the tools and machinery is amortized over the quantity of product produced from those tools and machinery.

If you are looking for products then I have some advice for you, use a guy I found on the internet, his Name is Steven Ulli. He speaks English and gets the concept of finding new innovative product produced in china.