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Panasonic EP-30005 Massage Chair

Get a ticket to home massage therapy with the Panasonic EP 30005 massage chair. This model is part of the Real Pro Ultra technology platform. There are many advanced features in this model as it is not commonly offered in the UK market. The EP-30005 recliner is mechanically similar to the EP 30006. I outline some of the more pertinent features of the Panasonic EP30005 massage chair.

This model gives you better deeper tissue massage therapy than others of the Real Pro Ultra technology platform. It contains a special robotic massage technique that was not available in other Panasonic models. These specialized techniques deliver ultra deep massage experience.

This recliner has 200 in. of massage coverage for your back. That means that the rollers can cover that much surface area of your back. The rollers also have three levels of intensity. Their massage strength varies from soft to medium to strong Asian Massage in nyc.

One of the new features of this roller mechanism is that the head can move closer towards the person on the chair. In other words, the depth of the massage can be controlled. As you adjust the speed you can feel the change in the depth of the rollers.

One of the new massage modes is Junetsu. This specialized massage is good for relieving knots in your back. It is a technique that uses circular thumb-like movements. It increases pressure slightly to penetrate through the knot to relieve its tension.

This Panasonic lounger also has an air massage system. An air pump directs pressurized air to different airbags. The airbags inflate and deflate to provide a compression massage. Airbags are designed for different parts of the body to provide relief

There are four different styles of manual massage modes. The specialized massage technology has the ability to deliver these massages. The massages are shiatsu, Swedish, fist kneading and grasping. The technique you would like to apply is just a button push away.

There are ways to customize the program. There is a memory function which allows 4 different custom programs for you. These can be saved by 4 different users. This way you can repeat specific massage movements directed at particular areas by using the memory function.

Get a customized massage with the advanced body scan. This chair first performs a scanning of your body. It makes a virtual map of your back and then feeds the information to customize your massage. The rollers are directed based on your own coordinates.

Foot massage is an important aspect of relaxation. We hold a lot of tension in our feet. Foot reflexology is an excellent way to relieve tension and relax the body.

This recliner is equipped with foot reflexology massage. Specialized plates are located underneath the soles of the feet. These are used to stimulate the trigger points of the feet to relax the major organs of the body.

This massage recliner is the strongest of the entire Panasonic line. It has a much deeper penetrating massage than their other models. Most of the other models in the real ultra line are rather weak and superficial.

The EP-30005 massage chair comes with a range of good therapeutic features. This massage chair is slightly smaller than their other models as it was designed for the indigenous Asian market. It does provide a deeper penetrating massage and has a number of innovative programs. Check out the Panasonic EP30005 massage chair.