Mink Eyelashes – Are They Real Mink Fur?

Are mink eyelashes cruelty free? If you think so, maybe you’ve got some oceanfront real estate in Nebraska to offer you. They’re pretty solitary, territorial creatures who spend most of their time alone, usually on fur farms where they’re forced to live in squalid conditions, under harsh conditions, and occasionally, they get aggressive if they feel particularly threatened. Instead, they’re kept separately in tiny wire cages on fur farms, where they’re denied the chance to bathe, sleep, burrow, or anything else which is essential and natural to them.

mink eyelashes

Many people, however, are unaware that mink eyelashes are often farmed for their beauty companies’ profit. Mink hair is strong, silky and dense and can be mass produced in volume and length as necessary to manufacture these wigs. Many beauty companies buy mink bulk at the U.S. Farmers Market, allowing them to save huge amounts on the mink that would otherwise have been spent on market costs for mink clothing and other raw materials.

There are two basic types of mink eyelash extensions – the synthetic and the real. The synthetic ones are comprised mainly of polyester fiber. These are typically used in non-permanent extensions. Real mink lashes, on the other hand, are comprised of man-made protein fibers and can only be cut, curled, lifted and curled.

One thing that really makes false lashes different from mink eyelashes is the level of cruelty they represent. Mink false lashes are usually hand crafted by the manufacturer to meet the highest standards of beauty and realism. They are meticulously cut, molded and layered like real lashes. This level of care and attention to detail makes false lashes more expensive than real ones. The synthetic alternative to mink eyelashes is the cheaper variety that often comes ready to curl.

Because of their realistic look and feel, mink eyelashes can be used in a variety of applications, not just as false lashes. They are sometimes used to replicate the natural look and softness of real mink fur. Cosmetics designers even use mink eyelashes to give a more voluminous look to eyes that are heavily lined or when used along with other products. For example, when applied along with eyeliner, it creates a longer-lasting eyeliner than ordinary pencil eyeliner, which is lighter in color. Mink fur is also used in a variety of shawls, scarves and gloves. Many people who enjoy spending time outdoors also prefer mink clothing and accessories to those with faux fur.

A popular fashion accessory these days is the voluminous Mink Eyelash Set by singer Gwen Stefani and her company, because of its innovative use of mink lashes to create a long-lasting, voluminous lash base that is easily removed for cleaning or styling. This set comes with two sets of lashes, each of which is two coats of mascara in dark colors and a coordinating primer. Voluminous Mink Eyelash Set is also available in a deluxe version that comes with an additional set of lashes and a coordinating brush.

For those who want dramatic effects with their eyelash extensions, but are afraid of lashes being snagged during dancing or other performance, Mink Eyelash Lash Deflower is a perfect solution. This type of lash system requires that the lashes are freshly clipped with small Velcro tape pieces at the tips. To enhance the effects, the mink lashes are first dyed with an all-natural dark color. Then a set of synthetic lashes, usually no more than one-fourth of an inch in length, are used to adhere them to the eyelashes. Mink extensions are affixed on top of natural human lashes so there are no visible lines when the shades are down. These extensions can also be used along with other forms of extensions such as fake eyelashes, which can make the wearer look even more like their favorite celebrities.

Although many people believe that mink eyelashes are made from real mink fur, this is not true. Mink hair cannot withstand the harsh UV rays from the sun and must be bleached to maintain its integrity. Even then, the color is often highly uneven and prone to mildew. Mink hair extensions are usually available in many different lengths and can be trimmed to fit any eye style. Mink extensions have become the most popular choice for dramatic makeup application these days, but they do not have to be made from mink fur to achieve amazing results!