LCD Flat Screen TV – The Case For Choosing an LCD Flat Screen TV Over Plasma

Many people are looking to replace their current tv with a slim and elegant flat screen tv. The first question many will ask is which is better, an LCD flat screen tv or a plasma tv?

This is a bit like asking which is the better car to buy Honda or Toyota? Some will insist Honda, some will insist Toyota without question. Some will say neither and that you should only buy an American car. Before answering which car is better you need to know which models you are comparing, what needs you have regarding size and style and what price ranges you are looking at so you are truly comparing apples to apples Autel Maxisys Elite.

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Choosing a flat screen tv is no different. Before answering which is better you will need to know what size you are looking for, what your viewing environment is like, what your viewing habits are like, what price range you will be looking at and what special features you would like.

The good news is you can find some great LCD flat screen tvs and plasma tvs at prices that are becoming more and more reasonable, allowing you to enjoy high definition tv and sports as well as movies on your slim, digital tv.

In years past the decision between LCD and Plasma was a pretty easy one as the smallest plasma was in the upper 30″ range and the largest LCD was in the lower 30″ range so if you wanted a large home theater tv you would choose plasma and if you wanted a small, flat panel tv you would get an LCD. LCD has made great strides in the past year to bring high quality, affordable flat panels to the market at competitive prices.

Flat panel tvs have a lot of uses and benefits. If you are looking at a tv for the kitchen or a small tv for a bedroom, the decision to buy an LCD is really a no brainer as LCDs dominate the market for flat panels under 37″.

Another benefit of LCD flat panel tvs is the brightness of the display. If you will be viewing your tv in areas with bright lights and a lot of ambient light from outside, then it is a good idea to choose an LCD flat panel tv as LCDs will be easier to see then a typical plasma tv.

Another important consideration is what you intend to view on the tv. An LCD flat panel tv will typically have a higher native resolution then a comparable plasma tv making it a natural choice if you intend to use the tv for computer use or gaming use.

If you are looking to get the full 1080p HD display for your video games or for HD movie formats such as HD DVD and Blu ray then you will have more LCD flat panel tv choices then you will plasma.

In the past burn in was a concern for plasmas in scenes where static images such as video game scores or stock market ticker tape banners would remain on the screen for long periods of time. Technological advancements in plasmas have greatly minimized the risk of plasma burn in, but still if you are looking to be free from burn in worry then the choice of LCD is a natural one.

Another advantage of LCD is that the weight is lighter and it will generally consume less power then that of a comparable plasma tv.

Early versions of plasma held advantages over LCD in terms of deeper blacks, better response times and a richness in color. LCD flat panel tv has closed the gap significantly in the past year in terms of picture quality, with some models even offering 120Hz technology and LED backlighting for incredible contrast ratios and a crisp, vivid picture.

While both LCD and plasma can offer a crisp, clear picture in a slim flat panel tv, an LCD flat panel tv seems to be a natural choice for those looking to maximize their resolutions for video gaming, for those viewing the tv in bright rooms, for those looking for smaller secondary tvs, as well as those looking to minimize power consumption requirements.