Life Style

How We Are Losing Touch With Nature – By Living In A Modern Life Style?

Mr. Arun Sharma woke up to the sound of his alarm clock screeching, turned on the television to hear the latest news, brushed his teeth with an electric toothbrush, warmed his breakfast in the microwave, slipped into the car and parked it at the metro train station. He used the escalators to reach the ticket window and as he bought the ticket, he was informed by the electronically preprogrammed voice that the train would be arriving punctually in 1 minute, and after he boarded the centrally air-conditioned train, he checked his schedule on his laptop while talking on the mobile phone. Finally, when he reached his destination, he exited the train station by slipping the ticket in to an electronic barrier and chose to walk the remaining distance to his office. Phew! Let this be noted, all this use of technology occurred before 9 AM.

Times have surely changed. Throughout the years technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Leo Tolstoy once said, “When the life of people is unmoral, and their relations are not based on love, but on egoism, then all technical improvements, the increase of man’s power over nature, steam, electricity, the telegraph, every machine, gunpowder, and dynamite, produce the impression of dangerous toys placed in the hands of children.”

There was a time when technology was called ‘progress’ but soon we permitted it to dictate our lives. It is nothing but a competition to make things smaller and faster. Fast cars, Fast laptops, Fast food, fast service, fast relief and the list is inexhaustible

It is not only the technology that has changed but also the lifestyles of the entire generation. There were times when people used to have almonds and honey early in the morning but now majority of the populace starts their day with pizza’s and colas. Fast food for breakfast, skipping the lunch as one has had plenty of coffee throughout the day and processed food for dinner as you are to tired and lack energy to make a nutritious meal. The problem with eating unhealthy foods is it makes you crave even more junk food. We spend most of our lives eating all the stuff that can hardly be called food with all sorts of additives, and preservatives in it. We ruin our systems by consuming liquid and solid acids and chemicals.

When was the last time you had complete satvik(fresh & pure) food for one whole day? Even if you strain your mind and think hard, you won’t have an answer to this question. We have developed a modern lifestyle that is far removed from nature. Living locked in air-conditioned houses and offices, bigger the cities lesser fresh air to breathe, no more aroma of the drops of first rain that falls on the parched earth, no more gazing at the billions of twinkling stars in the sky. I have great respect for man-made technology and science, but I’m in greater awe of nature.

I firmly believe that the greatest wealth is the wealth of being natural. Nature now widely bears the marks of human influence everywhere. We say we love nature, yet we change it almost beyond recognition. We all should appreciate the significance of staying in touch with nature, cherishing it, and nurturing it. Nature is healthy, benevolent and in tune with living beings. It does not threaten man’s existence but to reach godhead here in his life only. For when we lose touch with nature we lose touch with our existence.