Free Information for Women Considering Vaginal Restorative Surgery I.E. Labiaplasty

We’d love to believe that, in our modern times, all women feel comfortable asking questions about their own bodies. Unfortunately, there exists a lingering cultural stigma surrounding discussion of the female body. Because of this many women are still apprehensive about broaching the subject of vaginal rejuvenation surgery, even to their own gynecologists.

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Faced with the process of selecting the right vaginal surgeon, most women have valid anxieties and significant questions that need to be addressed. If you’re one of those women, then this article is for you. Below you’ll find extensive information about vaginal restorative surgery to assist you in determining if you’re a good candidate and help you in finding the right, experienced surgeon ophtalmologues Courbevoie.

Vaginal Restorative Surgery: Cosmetic or Functional?

Common misconceptions about vaginal surgery include the belief that it’s a purely cosmetic procedure. In reality, there are numerous benefits that vaginal surgery can bring many of them purely functional. However, vaginal rejuvenation surgery can be had for aesthetic reasons as well, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Types of Vaginal Restorative Surgery

There isn’t just one type of vaginal surgery. This term is actually a broad term that refers to a selection of different and unique procedures. Vaginoplasty, also commonly called vaginal rejuvenation, is a procedure for tightening loose vaginal muscles. During vaginoplasty surgery, the muscles and tissues of the vagina get are tightened in order to restore strength and control. Perineoplasty, the reconstruction of the muscles between the anus and the vagina, is often part of vaginoplasty.

Labiaplasty is a second type of vaginal surgery during which the excess skin of large or uneven labia is removed. Labiaplasty re-contours the smaller lips of the vagina resulting in a trimmer and more youthful, neat, appearance. The labia majora, or outer lips, can be re-contoured with labia majora reduction. For women with bulky, loose tissue surrounding the clitoris, clitoral hood reduction can be performed during a labiaplasty surgery. Labiaplasty also has numerous functional benefits to be discussed below.

A third type of vaginal surgery that involves the reconstruction of the hymen is called hymenoplasty. Hymenoplasty is an option for many women who experienced ruptured hymen from injury or sports. For many women in many cultures, hymen repair is an important procedure that allows them to meet requirements for marriage so they can lead a normal life.

Candidates for Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty

Even after gaining a better understanding of vaginal surgery, you may still be wondering if you’re a good candidate. The first thing you need to realize is that vaginal surgery is probably a lot more common than you think. Thousands of women undergo vagina surgery every year and for every one of those there are multiple great candidates for it. So are you a great candidate for labiaplasty or vaginoplasty?

There are many reasons you could be a great candidate for this type of surgery. If you’ve been struggling with discomfort during normal exercise activities or during sex due to enlarged labia, then you’re most likely an ideal candidate for labiaplasty. There is no reason to continue to suffer with pain and discomfort doing every day activities when you don’t have to.

Potential candidates for vaginoplasty include women experiencing a lack of sensation during intercourse caused by loosened muscles due to factors like ageing and giving birth. Loosened vaginal muscles can also lead to embarrassing conditions like incontinence, which vaginoplasty can fix. On the other hand, if you’re simply dissatisfied with the appearance of your vagina and want a more attractive, yet natural looking change, then vaginal surgery can provide that too.

Find a Top Surgeon for Your Vaginal Restorative Surgery

No factor is more crucial to a successful and satisfactory vaginal restorative surgery than picking the right surgeon. As this type of surgery becomes more popular, more surgeons are beginning to offer these procedures making it harder and harder to select the right one. Fortunately there are several key factors you can focus on to guide you through the decision making process.

Finding an experienced vaginal surgeon is of the utmost importance. Select a surgeon who regularly performs vaginal surgery instead of one who offers it but may only perform them sporadically. It’s also important to find a surgeon who has many years of experience with these types of surgeries.

Extensive and precise training is another important criterion in selection of the right surgeon for your vaginal surgery. Do your research to learn about your surgeon’s medical education and certifications. Pay special attention to the surgeon’s post-residency surgical training. Pick a surgeon who has extensive education and training in the specific focus area of vaginal surgery for the best chance at excellent results. You will also want to go with a surgeon who uses all of the latest technologies to make your surgery as comfortable and successful as possible.