Filipino Girls – How to Get Noticed by Them Or Any Desirable Women

I will give you a small example of the specific use of body language to attract Filipino girls or any women. This is a follow-up to my previous article on body language for you to be able to visualize the process. 

If you want results, don’t be a wall flower. You need to DO things to get noticed. If you do the right things, you’ll be approached by women because of the attraction you cause. Sure, you’ll get noticed if you do crazy, idiotic things and depending on the circumstance, you may get a result. The result you get  Language of desire may be to make women ignore the “crazy” guy, so be careful. 

I want you to repeatedly visualize the following scenario until you feel you’re there in the actual environment. Let your senses take in the atmosphere and become fully aware of everything that’s happening. I want you to do this so that your mind and body will be fully prepared for the real life situation. 

Imagine that you’re in a good night club where all the hottest Filipino girls and other hot women hang out. Find yourself an empty couch a small distance away from the dance floor. Try to find one that’s also raised above the level of the dance floor to have more effect. Sit in the middle of the couch and spread yourself out by leaning back, placing one arm along the back of the couch and positioning your other arm to allow your hand to rest at the top of your thigh, near to, but not touching your crotch. Keep your wrists straight. Keep your knees apart and point your feet straight forward. Be completely relaxed and DON’T fidget! Have that James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) expression of slightly squinting eyes and wrinkled brow. Slowly scan the dance floor by keeping your eyes still and moving your head to ensure that women know you’re watching them. When you see any women or Filipino girls that you find attractive, be sure to keep watching them to get eye contact. You will have been noticed because you’re a confident man actively on the look out for women you desire. When you do get eye contact with a desirable woman, keep the eye contact and ensure that she looks away first. Repeated eye contact is a definite sign of a woman’s interest, so don’t delay taking her invitation further. Game on!