Fast Fat Loss – Two Essential Facts to Losing That Belly Fat

Are you still struggling to lose that belly fat? Still stuck with a flabby tummy despite all you have tried? It is not surprising. Many people are in that same position. It seems that every corner of the internet and shops are pushing one sure-fire miracle or another. There are machines of every shape and description, more supplements than you could ever consume and enough magic pills to impress Harry Potter. One thing is consistent with all these things; they DON’T work!

You have probably tried a few of these things and rocked and rolled on a few ab do-it-now machines. You are quite probably a bit miffed at being conned out of your hard earned money for something that these so-called experts say will sort out all of your problems.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of all this. Forget the hype adverts and machines. Dump the scams. There are basic techniques and strategies which are proven over time to really work. Methods that do not require you to throw more money at them. Strategies that will not only drop your belly fat and body fat but will keep it off for life!

First Strategy.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that workouts are a necessary part of all this. You will need to incorporate the correct exercises so that you will stimulate fat loss from the tummy area. Many abdominal exercises are a waste of time. Do not waste more of your precious workout time on these exercises – meaning crunches, leg lifts, sit-ups and midriff twists, hoping to concentrate on simply reducing those hot spots you are worried about; ie. belly fat, love handles.

There is no point in trying to reduce weight on specific areas like this. You will not reduce belly fat on its own, by doing ab exercises. This is a myth. People spend a lot of wasted time on performing specific ab exercises. Now these may have their place in your routine, but not on their own. Only as part of a structured workout. A certain amount of ab exercising will strengthen your mid-section and help your back. However most of your time should be concentrating on whole body work focusing on multi-joint exercises. These will increase your metabolic rate during the workout and more significantly, for 1 – 2 days after the workout. This increases the activity of fat-burning hormones in your body. These hormonal and metabolic reactions are not present after pure ab exercises.

How do you do all this then? You need to get lifting some weights. Lift a barbell and perform a few squats. Practice with a few dead lifts, lunges and chest/back work. It does not matter Biotox gold what you do exactly – general weight exercises, weight machines at you local gym or even a multi-weight machine at home. The point is to use one of these methods to incorporate a multi-joint exercise regime at high intensity on a regular basis. Keep at it and don’t simply do a little with extended rest period between. You need to get that metabolism working hard. Stimulate you body and work at it. Don’t ease off. Hard work pays dividends.

Second Strategy

Forget the notion that dieting will get rid of your belly fat. Diets will not work. It is a well established fact that diets work against your body. Any of these fad-type diets such as low carbohydrate, low fat, restricted diets of any sort – anything in other words that restricts protein, fat or carbohydrate are not good. They will cause you to lose lean muscle. Muscle is the most efficient burner of energy. Losing muscle will lower your metabolic rate. When you do start to eat normally again after a diet the body’s natural response is to put extra fat on again. You end up worse than when you started.

Diets basically alter various factors in your body, including insulin, muscle glycogen processes, blood sugar, etc..This ensures that you won’t actually lose fat.

The most important fact to grasp here is that we all need to eat a balanced diet. It should be diverse and include protein, fats and carbohydrates. You will then ensure that your body is getting the right amounts of the various micro-nutrients needed. For an efficient fat-burning machine which you want your body to be, you have to make sure it’s fed all it requires. Make sure you include anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This is easily done by eating a balanced organic diet, free of preservatives and additives.