Electronic Dance Music for Christian Worship

Electronic dance music, sometimes called EDM, Christian EDM and CDM, is a rapidly growing genre of popular electronic dance music created in the United States and worldwide. The term “EDM” was first used by Christian radio stations in the early 1990s to describe their style of Christian radio programming. The popularity of Christian electronic dance music has grown tremendously since that time. Numerous well-known Christian musicians are continuously making and sharing EDM music. EDM stands for “electronic dance music;” this description includes songs that are hip-hop, trance, chill out, new age, and other genre-related songs.

Electronic dance music artists include legends such as producers such as Skrillex, Don du Lac, Paul McCartney, amen, Kool aid, and many others. EDM worship music has also become very popular with mainstream Christian musical artists, who are making EDM music albums and even Christian rap music to appeal to a younger audience. Christian EDM can be very uplifting and inspiring for believers.

EDM is not only uplifting and motivational, but it is also very funky and unpredictable. The music has a fun, loose feel to it that makes it appealing to both Christians and non-Christians. This is one reason why so many Christian musical artists are creating and sharing EDM worship music using traditional instruments such as gospel choirs and guitarists. One advantage of electronic Christian dance music is that it is very portable. Many worship leaders love EDM because they can easily bring it around for worship whenever they need to get some fresh worship leads.

In addition to uplifting and motivating Christian worship leaders, EDM is great for encouraging church attendance. When requesting tunes for an EDM session you can count on requests being filled up quickly with enthusiasm for the songs. Most of the music for Christian dance is uplifting and motivating – especially the latest Christian hip-hop and rap tunes.

What’s good about requesting EDM is that it can provide a variety of sounds and tones. Some traditional instruments like sticks, drums and guitars can be played with a trance music mindset, making for a very unique and memorable experience. On the other hand, you can use other instruments in the same set-up, which will produce yet another unique sound. EDM can be used for slow trance music during worship, and for faster paced uplifting trance music during worship. Even free-style gospel choirs can be made to play along with EDM. As you can see, using EDM for worship purposes has a multitude of benefits.

Another benefit of requesting EDM is that it can serve as background for other sound effects and vocals. This can add depth to a worship song by providing the right background for spiritual or soothing lyrics. The use of electronic dance music for worship helps to create a closer connection with God because you are hearing Him speaking directly through the instrumentals. As you can see, using this type of trance music for your worship services provides an incredible opportunity for people to experience God right in their own homes.

Some popular upbeat worship songs that Christian trance music can be used for include favorites like “Thank You Lord”, “Hallelujah Praise” and” Praise the Lord”. In addition, these same tunes can be used in a combination with traditional gospel or Christian songs for special messages or instruction. Some examples of popular Christian trance music for worship include “Amazing Grace”, “I Am With God”, “Hallelujah Praise”, and “Lord, Have mercy on me a sinner”.

With all the opportunities for Christian EDM Worship music available today, many churches are now using it as an additional tool in their worship. In fact, some even hold workshops or sermons dedicated to Christian EDM Worship music and how to incorporate it into their lives. If you have not yet heard of Christian dance music, it is time you give it a try.