Custom Body Jewelry

Jewelry designers make a lot of money on custom made pieces because customers want jewelry that represents them. Custom body jewelry is no exception. A customer may choose to have custom body jewelry created when they have searched with a particular idea in mind for a piece of jewelry and came up empty handed after months of looking. Really, the expense of a piece of custom made body jewelry is not that much more than a piece of regular body jewelry and a customer gets exactly what they want. In many ways, this makes a piece of custom jewelry a bargain!

Why would someone seek out a piece of custom made body jewelry? Several reasons. One reason may have to do with allergy to standard metals used to create most jewelry on the market. Some people are allergic to most all metals but gold, and there are even those individuals that have trouble with gold irritating their skin. For these people, having a jeweler use special alloys to create pieces for them is about the only option when it comes to wearing jewelry. It is not a matter of design for these people but a matter of comfort in wearing any jewelry body piercing jewelry.

The next group of people might have trouble finding something that suits their personal taste, for whatever reason. They may be a smaller individual and most any jewelry marketed to the general public looks large and gaudy on their person, or they may want something that looks different that no one else is wearing. Other times it may be that one is wanting to incorporate a family heirloom, a name, or a symbol into the design of a particular piece and it requires the skills of a talented jeweler to make a beautiful and functional piece of jewelry.

Depending on what the piece of jewelry is for, there may be a need for more than one of them as well. Or, perhaps it has been decided that several of them should be made, like a group of daughters should receive the same piece of jewelry. There are many reasons behind wanting a piece of custom body jewelry, and why there may be a need for more than one of them to be produced.