Overview of VIP Slots Casino

VIP Slots is an additional internet casino owned by EH New Ventures Inc. (EHNVI). This cool-looking online casino operates out of St. John’s, Antigua, and is max bet accredited through the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Having its sleek looks and brilliant characteristics, the casino is a dreamland for slots lovers, although you get to play additional casino games here as well.

VIP Slots, just like various other professionally managed online casinos, has a strict security setup, employing technology like 128-bit SSL file encryption to ensure all transactions and player information is safeguarded. The application also includes a Certified Fair Gaming seal as evidence of complete fair play.

VIP Slots has a rigid policy about underage wagering and will allow exclusively players that are over 21 years old to play the games offered. The casino welcomes players with the United States. In case you are requiring help, it is easy to contact the customer support staff at the casino, which is available 24×7 and accessible through e-mail, live chat, or telephone.

Software and Games
The software program that runs VIP Slots is developed by Vegas Technology, one of the big names in online gambling software advancement. The software is what gives the casino the awesome interface and magnificent sound effects. You may either download the program to your laptop or computer, or play entirely on the browser while using Flash version. In either case, you have the choice of playing for free or even for real money.

VIP Slots features a massive offering of games. While most of the activities on offer are: slots, you will discover casino games accessible as well. You are able to play, in addition to slots, table games (17), video poker (Fifteen), and specialized games (5). You’ll find over 65 different slots games at VIP Slots. It is possible to play all kinds of slots games here – traditional slots, 5-reel and 7-reel video slots, 3-reel slots, bonus slots, seasonal faves, and also progressive slots.

Playing the slots here is absolute enjoyment because of the large number of added bonus rounds plus free spins you get. You then have a possibility at hitting the big one, the progressive jackpot, whenever you take part in the slots here.

Not only do you get to play the diverse games here, you can also participate in tournaments at VIP Slots. These tournaments are held every month and they are of various kinds – weekly real cash tournaments (slots), every day real money competitions (slots, blackjack, and video poker), Evening Slots, the daily Play for the Pot, in addition to daily freerolls. You can even examine the actual schedule at the Tournaments link in the casino.

Banking Choices
At VIP Slots, all transactions are conducted in US Dollars ($), GBPs (£), and Euros (€). The casino facilitates several options on the subject of transacting at the site. To deposit money directly into your bank account, you can use your credit card (Visa ), NETeller, UseMyWallet, EcoCard, QuickCash, MoneyBookers, and Click2Pay.


Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing

All businesses greatly benefit when they resort to the internet to find their clientele. Because of the surge of online users, companies have also considered bringing their business to where most people hang out these days – online. Through the help of social media marketing, a new marketing strategy geared towards tapping online customers, businesses have leaped from their usual traditional marketing strategies and welcomed this new marketing strategy to attract more customers.

In this article, we will tackle a few tips on how to effectively use online networking to guide you and your business to soar higher.

Twitter is one of the most sought after social networking site. What’s unique about this website is that it only allows you to tweet a certain number of characters to share your thoughts. But those few tweets can actually help businesses succeed. With the right social media marketing strategy, tweets can even go viral. Facebook is another online community site that has become famous for connecting with people all over the globe. Because of its popularity, many marketers use Facebook to promote their businesses. Aside from Twitter and Facebook, you also have YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be familiar with these social media accounts. When running a website, be sure to make your reader’s viewing and reading experience more comfortable to retain them on your site. When one lands on a cluttered website, often than not, visitors will immediately cling on that mouse and click on the ‘X’ button on the upper right side of their screen to get away from the messy website. But when a website is well-organized and provides clear messages, they would not hesitate to follow you and share useful information they find on your site on their online profiles.

In order to retain readership, you also have to employ the use of online network sharing buttons that will let your readers share information in a breeze. In this case, to be an effective social media marketing strategist, you have to think what’s best for your online customers.

In case you need help in marketing your business online, you can follow DIY guides to help boost your online presence, increasing traffic to your site. There are also effective social media plugins available which could answer your needs in terms of expanding your market reach. Social media plugins like PulseHover is something you should try to consider. It’s an excellent plugin that helps you increase your site’s conversion rate while at the same time help you earn more for your business.

PulseHover is a powerful plugin that allows for social media sharing among different platforms of social media. It’s so easy to use and your readers will not have a problem sharing indian smm panel your publications online with through their social media buttons. To know more about the PulseHover, you can check for PulseHover reviews online to guide you in using this effective social media marketing tool.

As you continue applying different marketing strategies, always remember not to neglect your social networking sites as they are great resources to placing free advertising. Tapping new and old customers is just easy with the use of proper social media tools. You can simply post new product or service offerings online and see magic happens as your readers and followers share your useful tips.

To encourage loyalty from your followers, always interact with them. Try to come up with ways that will engage them. Always reply on comments to assure them of your online presence. Create online contests for your followers. This will not only strengthen your bond with them but will also help you tap future prospects..

When you use social media marketing strategies online, always remember to stay professional. Never engage in petty fights. You need to take care of your image and your business’ image. You need to retain the trust and confidences that your followers have given you so don’t break that trust. Be a trustworthy entrepreneur and as much as possible, only share useful information online.


How to Train a Dog

I’ve never had to know how to train a puppy before. I’m not a dog trainer! I couldn’t tell the difference between breeds of a dog if I’m honest. Of course now we have to train a dog and I blame Toto out of The Wizard of Oz.

Why poor Toto I hear you ask?

Well we went to see the The Wizard of Oz for my daughter’s birthday with some of her school friends and family. Toto got the biggest cheer at the end and caught the eye of my mother and father in law. They’d had two dogs previously that had lived to ripe old ages of 19. In the programme they discovered poor Toto was from a dog shelter, so enquired about his availability. Not surprisingly he was taken but they had other dogs looking for homes.

As they don’t drive my wife took them along with our three children. Now you can guess the scenario when they returned!

I didn’t want a dog, it would be like having another child in the house. I had very little time as it was. I was quite happy without a dog, even though there were always persistent murmuring of how lovely it would be for the kids. Yeah! and I can guess who’ll end up walking Fido.

Don’t get me wrong I like dogs but not the responsibility. If you’re going to have a dog I realised it’s a serious commitment. Pooch will rely on you to look after him and then there’s training for your dog. I stood my ground for a good 3 hours. Then my eight year old daughter came down the stairs holding her piggy bank in floods of tears offering to buy the dog herself. Emotional blackmail, that’s what it was. Works every time on a soft touch Dad like me!

My wife was on the internet no sooner had the words passed my lips. She found a dog in a CAARS Santuary in Wolverhampton and within 2 days I was getting my first introduction 토토 사이트 to the little fella.

He was a 9 months old Cairn terrier and I had no idea of where to start when house training a dog? Fortunately for us he was already house trained. Although he already had a name he wouldn’t respond to any commands at all so we decided to call him Hamish.

The first few weeks were very difficult for my wife, Hamish and I. The kids however were in their oil tot with their new found friend. Meanwhile he would bark at my wife and I if we challenged him, could not be allowed near an open door or would make a bolt for freedom, and constantly refused to do as he was told unless you had a treat in your hand.

Although treats are useful when training your dog to follow commands, I didn’t want him to assume he would receive a treat each time.

No matter how we tried to train Hamish we were unwittingly making all the same mistakes that most, if not all novice dog owners make.

We looked at dog training schools. Most dog owners I spoke to however said that their dog was well behaved at puppy class but then reverted back to their old habits once they got them home.


How Safe is Mexico For Women Travelers?

Women are seeking fun girlfriend getaways or inspiring solo travel more and more these days but our closest international destination is getting a bad rep for drug cartel wars and crime. Safety is a legitimate concern anywhere you go but this could be especially daunting if you are not familiar with the geography of the country.

Lucky for us, Mexico is still very much an open option for enjoying a blissful beach getaway with your best girl friend or a cultural culinary trip in a colonial gem of a town. There is so much diversity here and a memorable trip is just waiting to happen if only you know where to go. Vacaciones en Jordania

Lets look at what the fuss is all about, where its happening and what this means to you as a traveler.
I’m sure you’ve heard the headlines this past year about Mexico being in the midst of a major drug war. Army soldiers patrol streets in border towns. Journalists have been murdered. Cartel members shoot at each other in the streets and supermarkets. People get kidnapped. It is certainly ugly in the border cities otherwise known as the frontera. But did you know most of Mexico is as safe as ever?

The travel warnings issued by our government are actually advising against visiting very specific places where drug cartels are waging their war. Unfortunately, after hearing “warning” and “Mexico,” many Americans perceive the advisory for the country as a whole, which it definitely is not the case. The State Department listed several cities as not advisable to visit, including Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey and Matamoros. The worst of the bunch being Ciudad Juarez which is across the border from El Paso, Texas.

The news media have focused their news reports on the negative rather the reporting the reality. Mexico is still a very safe country, with the exception of Juarez and the other border towns. The rest of the country enjoys low crime rates in comparison to any large U.S. city.

So where should you go and how safe are these places? Below is a list I have compiled of fantastic destinations within Mexico, that you wont hear about in the news (they are too busy drumming in the bad news).


Cancun is the most popular beach resort in Mexico by far and for good reason. Their beaches are stunning, the resorts amazing, the attractions are many and on safety scale….It is extremely safe. Exercising common sense is the most important thing here or any destination for that matter. For example, don’t stray from the tourist areas, don’t drink too much, avoid walking alone at night, only take public transportation or drive on the highways during daylight, don’t deck yourself out in expensive jewelry. It just common sense ladies!


When people think about the Yucatan region of Mexico, they usually think about the Mayan archeological site of Chichen Itza, but Merida is a beautiful colonial city that can serve as home base for exploring other Mayan ruins, cenotes, haciendas and cathedrals. It is an extremely charming city with well organized tours for its visitors. Beyond that, it is known as the safest and most peaceful in Mexico. Many American and Canadian expats have taken notice and are retiring here for this reason.


What Are Sprouting Seeds?

Seeds for sprouting purposes make essential supplies for survivalists’ pantries, and keeping your seeds fresh causes no economic hardship because you can rotate these seeds and use them for everyday cooking. You need not fear waiting for crops to grow to get needed vitamins and nutrients should the unthinkable occur because sprouts grow in just a few days. By rotating your stock and adding sprouts to your diet, you can enjoy a more nutritious diet, eat them raw or cooked, and the variety allows you to compose fabulous dishes that look as good as they taste. The nutritional value of sprouts exceeds the vitamin profile of mature plants and vegetables, so you enjoy many advantages by adding sprouting seeds to your daily diet.

What is Sprouting?

Sprouting refers to germinating seeds into shoots, which you can easily do at home with minimal trouble. Sprouting allows you to enjoy fresh vegetables year-round, and you have enough choices to find flavors you really appreciate. Simply soaking seeds and allowing them to germinate in a covered glass jar or commercial sprouting device begins the miracle of renewed life. Seeds and young sprouts need regular rinsing to prevent them from turning sour, and you must consume them before leaves start to grow. Plants allowed to grow foliage become baby salad greens, and offer more food choices for committed survivalists.

You can sprout any viable seeds, but mishandling of seeds or the sprouting process causes bacterial growth, making sprouts unsafe for raw consumption. Sprouts from some 싹모아 plants have toxins that make them unfit for eating either raw or cooked. You cannot eat sprouts from members of the solanacae family such as tomatoes, potatoes, paprika, and eggplants. Manufacturers treat seeds intended for crops with chemicals, and some countries require heat-treatment of edible seeds, so consumers should choose seeds intended for sprouting purposes for safety.

How to Begin

Germination takes a few days at home, and you begin by rinsing seeds to remove any traces of soil or contaminants. Soak the seeds in water for the recommended time, which ranges from 20 minutes up to 12 hours. Soaking allows water to penetrate the seed husk and activate the baby plant. Some seeds only need moistening instead of soaking. After soaking, place seeds in a container; glass jars work well, and a simple colander works perfectly to sprout lentils. Commercial sprouters often have many levels that allow you to grow different sprouts in one convenient vessel.

  • Rinse sprouts two to four times daily, depending on seed type, climate, and seed-producer instructions.
  • Sprouts grow quickly, and you eat them in three to five days.
  • Refrigeration slows or halts the growing process until you can use your supply for regular meals.
  • Consider staggering your sprout choices because this technique allows you to keep a sustainable supply of each type.
  • You can sprout whole-grain oats, but dehulled grains will not sprout including oat groats sold in health-food stop

Be Prepared Before You Hire a Contractor to Work on Your Home

One of the biggest mistakes made when hiring a contractor by a homeowner is failure to check the references. I often hear, “Oh, so and so told me about him.” When I ask did you call any of the previous customers? “No”. “Did you checkout any of his previous work?” “No”. You get the picture. When the contractor defaults, the homeowner is amazed. THEN they start to check and find out the contractor didn’t finish his last three jobs, was late or behind schedule, the work was sub-standard, etc. It would have been a lot easier to make a couple of calls before hand. ASK the contractor for at least three past references and CALL them. If they were happy with the work, they will glad to tell you. If not, ask why not and listen to them. You can usually tell if it is spilt milk or a legitimate gripe. If you hear it three times, look for another contractor. If the contractor does not have three references, move on. You are fore-warned. Great price or no, the low price may reflect the fact he cannot get work due to his reputation. You’re going to live with the contractor for months. Make sure it starts off well. www landart

INSURANCE- MAKE SURE THE CONTRACTOR HAS PROPER INSURANCE! So many times an accident occurs on the work site and later on you find the contractor did not have the proper Workmen’s compensation, disability or liability coverage in place. Would you be surprised to know that an employee cannot sue his employer but he can sue YOU if he/she is injured at your home? If the contractor has no insurance, you are on the hook in most states. If the contractor does not have liability coverage and causes injury to someone else, guess who is going to pay? Check their insurance and ask for a paper copy of proof of insurances. You should be named as co-insured. If they refuse or give you a sob story, move on. Legitimate contractors carry insurance, period. I cannot stress this enough.

4. Payment schedule-Example: Foundation 20%, Framing with shingles 20%, full enclosure including windows, doors and siding 20%, Mechanicals 20% and final payment when completed 20%. It is also a good idea to clearly show the amount of markup allowed for change orders such as 5% overhead and 10% profit. That will keep a lid on extra work costs. It should also state the contractor is to provide a detailed labor and material breakdown for each change order. The most expensive words in construction are “WHILE YOUR AT IT, etc. etc.” Find out how much that door is going to cost before it is installed, not after Contractors are used to this and may complain a little but they will comply if they want the job. Being in a rush costs YOU money. Take your time to check each item of work carefully and you may stay within your budget.

5. Description of Work-This should be a written list of all work included in the contract. “A 16′ x 20″ addition” is not a description. A “16′ x20′ dining room addition consisting of all excavation and backfilling required, all foundation work required, all framing, siding, windows, doors, roofing, and all interior finishes to provide a 100% turn key addition. Roofing shall be x-brand 25 year fiberglass 3 tab shingles, color blue #2345, Siding shall be etc., etc., etc.” Got the idea? Be as descriptive as you can. There can be no argument later on about the windows being double glazed versus single glazed if the contract clearly states what kind are included. Exclusions-Your contractor may request you also include a list of items that are not include in the contract. BE FAIR! If landscaping, topsoil, window treatments, painting and driveway paving are not included, say so.

6. Hours and Day of Work-Clearly state the days of the week and the hours a contractor may work at your home.” 7AM-5PM, Monday-Friday is a good work week. Saturdays by your advanced permission only. No Sundays.” is a good typical work schedule and allows flexibility. Again, foul weather can be a factor that delays the work and you may adjust the schedule from time to time but you don’t really want him/her banging nails on the roof at 7AM on Sunday mornings. You might not mind but your neighbors will hate you. Be somewhat flexible but don’t give away the bank every time the contractor says he got held up on another job or asks to work extra hours because of something he caused to make the delay in the first place. But as I said, be flexible.

7. FINAL COMPLETION DATE- This is probably one of the most important parts of your contract. Agree to a date that all work will be completed no later than. If the contractor says it will take 3 months, make the date 4 months from the date of the contract. That will allow for weather and material delays but puts a time restriction on the work. Include also what is called a penalty amount for each day past the completion date it takes him/her to finish. $50, $75, $100 a day is typical and can add up really quickly. It will keep the contractor focused on the completion date if he knows you are deducting a $100 each day from his final payment.

8. BUDGET- Your architect can provide you with a price range he/she expects the project to cost. Remember this is only an estimate. You may find your price quotes are way out of line with the architects amounts. Check out why this happened. Get at least three quotes for the work. This way you will have a price range to work with as well. Different sized contractors, different sized prices. If the slightly higher contractor can do the work in 2 months instead of 3, it may be worth it. If one price is very low below the other two, beware. The contractor will realize it sooner or later and only delay or stop altogether because there is not enough money to finish the work. Taking all this information into consideration, you can make an informed decision and chose your best option.


How To Paint Your Car

To begin this venture we need to clean the metal on the car. After we clean the metal, make sure it’s dry before we begin to mask the car, also do a last minute check to be sure it’s free of all dirt grease and other contaminants.

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Now it’s time to mask the car, and be sure to mask all that you don’t want painted leaving no masking hanging of the car, that would get in the way of a nice paint job. The main idea of the whole thing is to produce the best quality paint possible with the given surroundings, it is preferred that you have a paint booth, but if not, make sure that the area that you use to perform the work is ultra clean and dust free paint reducer.

After the car has been masked it’s time to get ready to spray the primer, once again make sure that you have cleaned your surroundings, it’s best to have some water on the floor to keep the dust down, once you are confident that the area is clean then you can begin checking the spray guns to be sure that they are clean. This is a very important step especially if they’re not your guns, dirty guns will make an ugly paint job there for wasting all of your time.

Now that you have determined that the paint guns are clean, make sure that your respirator is in good working order. Now be sure that you have all the products that you need to perform the primer job on the car. You will need primer, reducer and catalyst, you will also need strainers, stir sticks and a measuring device.

It’s best not to have to leave the paint booth during the time that your priming the car. Reducer comes in different temperatures and you need to know what temp is best for your working conditions.

The temps are as follows, their is a high temp that is designed to dry slower when it’s hot in the area where your working, high temp is good for 80 degrees and up, theirs also a mid temp, this probably the most popular temp used this is best used from 55 to 80 degrees and is designed to dry faster to make up for the colder temp, due to the fact primer will run easier in the cold weather. Now we have low temp reducer this will dry extremely slow therefore for giving the primer a better chance to run. I tell you all this in an effort to help you better understand the products that you are working with, the more you know the better armed you are for problems when they happen.

Now it’s time to enter the paint booth, and as you do pay attention to the booth filters and be sure that they sure clean also. Now get your can of primer and read the instructions on the side, usually the mix is 4:1 or 4 parts primer to one part reducer and a cap or two of catalyst and for the best results follow these instructions. After you spray the first coat of primer, you will need to wait 15 to 20 minute before you can spray the next and so on, the way I like to do this is to give the body work areas a coat or two first to build them up. The whole reason we use primer is is to give the paint a smooth surface to stick to and give the metal some protection from the elements, it’s usually a good idea to get 4 or 5 good coats on the car.

If you are really serious about the way that you want it to look the you might want to take the primer one step farther and use an etching primer before you spray the urethane or epoxy primer, an etching primer will give the top coat just a little more to stick to. Etching primer has no building qualities there for it’s not used for smoothing out waves in your work, but it will make the primer stick allot better.

I do suggest that you always use a urethane primer,and not lacquer type,as lacquer can and will shrink urethane or epoxy is recommended for best results. Epoxy is a very hard primer to sand but it’s extremely tough, and urethane is I think probably your best choice,because it’s high building and easy sanding, their are a lot of brands to choose from, I use DuPont euro myself but it’s all up to you to choose that.

Now that your card is primed, it’s time to remove the masking, and I like to do this while it’s still a little wet for the sake of ease, just be very careful about how you do it, you don’t want to screw up all that nice work, so just take it slow and easy while pulling the masking off your car.


Well now the hard part is here, before you start to sand the car you’ll want to be sure that it’s been guide coated, this will make it easier for you to get an ultra smooth finish. Heres where we weed the boys form the men, if your trying to do a show finish on the car that your painting, you will want to sand it by hand with water running on it all the time.

This is the hard part,and you will have lazy people that will want to use a machine to do this, this is just a word to the wise, you have allot better control over a hand block. The best way to produce this type of high quality work is to have the best control over it that you can, offten a machine will go through your primer. If your trying to produce show quality work this would mean priming that area again I.E. more time spent, this is time that could be spent better doing other things.

Now I will explain a bit about what a guide coat is, this is it in a nut-shell. The guide coat is the step right after the car has been primed, you should do this before you pull the masking, what this in tails is misting a light coat of black paint over the primer so that you can see the low spots in your work, and no matter how good you are, you will have low spots. The idea behind this is to sand all the guide coat off with out going through to the metal on your car.

Now it’s time to start the actual sanding of the car, you need to pay close attention to detail on this part of the paint job, the better you sand it, the better it will look. I usually start with 320 grit wet paper on a medium hard block, this grit is good for getting the guide coat smoothed out, their will most likely be some small low spots that will require either spot filler or more primer. This is one of those areas where you need to pay a little attention to detail, here you will need to look at the depth of the low spot and think about it, how low is it will primer alone fill it, or will it take spot filler and then primer.


재입국 허가 및 출입국

이민자가 된다는 것은 여러 가지를 어렵게 만듭니다. 이민자들은 일상 생활을 시민 및 영주권자와 다르게 다루어야 합니다. 이민자들에게 실제로 엄청나게 어려운 것처럼 보이는 간단한 작업 중 하나는 일시적으로 미국을 떠났다가 다시 돌아오려고 시도하는 것입니다. 미국 이민자가 미국을 떠나기를 원하거나 떠나야 하는 데에는 여러 가지 이유가 있습니다. 그 사람은 가족이나 참석해야 하는 다른 중요한 일이 있을 수 있습니다. 불행히도 많은 사람들이 일시적으로 미국을 떠날 계획을 연기해야 ​​합니다. 이민자들이 이용할 수 있는 실행 가능한 옵션이 있습니까? 뉴욕 이민 변호사

좋은 소식은 이민자들이 합법적으로 미국을 떠났다가 돌아올 수 있지만, 그렇게 하려면 적절한 문서와 서류가 있어야 한다는 것입니다. 변호사의 도움 없이는 정확한 서류를 얻기 어려울 수 있으므로 거주 지역의 이민 변호사와 상담하는 것이 좋습니다. 미국 이민국(USCIS)에 따르면 이민자는 “여행 서류 신청서”라는 I-131 신청서를 작성해야 합니다.

이 양식은 온라인으로 제출할 수 있으며 미리 결정된 USCIS 접수 주소 중 하나로 보내야 합니다. 이 신청서를 받으려는 사람들에게는 접수비가 있습니다. 대부분의 경우 수수료는 $360이지만 상황에 따라 추가 및 예외가 있는 경우가 있습니다. 이것은 자동 라이센스가 아닌 응용 프로그램이라는 점을 명심하십시오. 특히 범죄 기록이 있는 사람은 재입국 신청이 승인되기 어려울 수 있습니다. 경우에 따라 신청이 거부될 수 있습니다. 이러한 시나리오에서 이민자는 재입국 절차를 다시 시작하거나 이의를 제기할 수 있습니다. 이것이 실행 가능한 옵션일 수 있지만 시간은 일반적으로 귀하의 편이 아닙니다.

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Ice Hockey Sticks – How Long Should My Ice Hockey Stick Be?

There are many factors that must be considered when deciding which ice hockey stick to purchase and use. Purchasing is not the final step however. There is still a critical decision to make and that is how long or short to make your stick. The length of your stick can drastically affect your ability to pass, shoot, stick handle, even your skating. First, you need to know your options, then you need to figure out which option is best for you.

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Once you have decided which ice hockey stick to purchase and use, you then have the choice to either lengthen or shorten your stick. To lengthen an ice hockey stick you will need what’s called a wooden hockey stick butt. A wooden butt is simply a wooden knob typically 6″ in length that you insert into the end of your stick shaft. While the butt is usually 6″ long, you can cut the butt to add any length up to 6″. To shorten a stick you simply use a hacksaw to cut the stick down to the desired length. Many players even shorten their shaft and then add a wooden butt because they like the solid feel that it gives them.

Now that you know how to lengthen and shorten your ice hockey stick you must determine how long you want your stick to be. Some people say as a rule of thumb that the stick should go up to your chin when you have your skates on. Some people say it should be shorter and some people say it should be longer. The bottom line is that it comes down to preference. Typically defensemen like their sticks much longer than offensemen. Centers in particular usually like much shorter sticks for better control in faceoffs. Players who do a lot of stick handling usually like their sticks shorter as well. Defensive players like their sticks longer for better reach in poke checking. Longer sticks can also allow you to create more flex and therefore more power for longer distance shooting. Hockey News

Take the general criteria mentioned in the previous paragraph and decide which type of player you are. Then experiment with varying lengths – with skates on – and practice passing, shooting, puck handling, skating, etc. to determine which length best complements your style. An easy way to experiment is to take one of your old ice hockey sticks (or just purchase a cheap stick solely for this purpose) and add a butt to the stick. Then play with the stick a bunch, cutting the length every couple of times you play. You will quickly determine which length is best suited for your play and which length feels the best to you.

While there are certainly trends that might help you determine what length of ice hockey stick you should use, it ultimately boils down to preference. There are plenty of players that take the exact opposite stand towards ice hockey stick length than that of other players with similar styles to them. Determine which length allows you to perform to your maximum ability and you’re set!


Helpful Natural Cure For Anxiety

Anxiety is more than just feeling worried. It can actually get to the point where it is disabling.  Many people who suffer from anxiety find themselves unable to enjoy or even participate in everyday activities, and quite a few become housebound due to their fear of being outside (a condition known as agorophobia).  The traditional narcotics that have been used to treat this condition may be very effective, but they are also highly addicting, and their effectiveness begins to wane over time with long-term use.  Fortunately, there are many natural cures for anxiety that are highly effective, and can actually be even more effective than prescription drugs!  Here are some natural cures you can use the very next time you feel anxious! 분당스웨디시

Relax with massage therapy. Massage reduces muscle tension, which naturally makes you feel less stressed.  Massage also circulates your blood and allows oxygen and other nutrients to bathe tissues throughout your body.  As if that were not enough, it also lowers the levels of stress hormones in your body, making you feel calm and relaxed all over!

Take your B vitamins! B vitamins reduce the anxiety levels in your brain and soothe your nerves over the long-term.  Taking a regular B complex vitamin is one of the best natural cures for anxiety, and it keeps you feeling calm all the time, not just when you are  taking your vitamin.

Practice deep breathing.  The next time you are feeling anxious, try sitting quietly and breathing in through your nose for a count of 7. Hold for a count of 7, then exhale for a count of 7.  Repeat this process until you feel calm again.  Deep breathing reduces your heart rate and blood pressure, while releasing feel-good chemicals into your body.

Drink green tea.  Most health practitioners will tell you to avoid caffeine if you are feeling anxious.  While green tea DOES have caffeine, it is  a negligible amount, and the beneficial properties of the tea outweigh its minuscule caffeine content.  Green tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which has a calming effect on the brain. It also increases your production of dopamine, which is a natural sedating chemical produced by the body. 

Many studies have suggested that drinking green tea is such a powerful natural cure for anxiety that it is as effective as narcotic medication. The next time you are feeling anxious, reach for a cup of green tea (and if you are worried about the caffeine content, it’s also available in a decaf version).