Highlight Your Landscaping With Beautiful Accent Lighting

If you’re one of those homeowners that devotes their life during the warmer months of the year tending to the space around the home, you want to ensure it’s always looking its best. Whether it’s beautiful flower gardens, carefully groomed topiaries, or an interesting water feature – there is certainly a lot of time and effort that goes into making the yard look its best. Whether or not you entertain outdoors, when the sun begins to set, lighting can make a huge difference in your landscape’s design. By adding some simple accent lighting throughout your yard to highlight some of the features you’ve created, you’ll add a beautiful glow that can be utilized throughout the entire year.

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One of the easiest ways to achieve accent lighting is to install some simple ground spotlights that you can hide under leaves, vines, or in the grass to create a hidden spotlight. If you have statues or other garden ornaments (like a gazing ball), lights can help the piece to stand out even when the sun isn’t shining. Another great place to install ground level spotlights is near a water feature. If you have a pond or a small waterfall in your landscaping, adding a light can create a beautiful element of reflection and increase the aesthetic qualities even more. By adding simple features like these to your hard design work, you’ll be able to truly get the most out of your landscape ไฮไลท์บอลย้อนหลัง.

If you have small topiaries or shrubs in your yard, you can instantly add a pop of light by installing white light strands and stringing them evenly throughout the leaves of the plant. You’ll be able to create a subtle “twinkling” light look with the small white lights, while still adding a luminous quality to your yard. A great time to purchase white light strands is right after Christmas since most outdoor strand lights are on sale. You can stock up on them then and not have to worry about over-paying once the spring and summer months come.

If you have a pathway anywhere in your yard (even consider the walkway leading up to your front porch or front porch steps), it creates a great opportunity to install pathway lighting to ensure guests don’t accidentally overstep and end up with their foot in one of your carefully maintained flower beds. Many different styles of pathway lights are available and if electricity is an issue – there are many models that can charge during the day from the light of the sun and then use that energy to omit their warm glow during the evening hours. If your pathways are lined with flowers or plants, pathway lighting is a great option for your home.

Finally, if you have an outdoor space with a cover, like a deck, patio, or even gazebo – think back to the white light strands for an interesting lighting option. By stringing the lights evenly throughout the top of the covering – you’ll be able to create a “starry night” effect while still providing the space with some subtle lighting. Often times, if you entertain outdoors, you know that too much outdoor lighting can be overwhelming during evening hours and it can certainly jack up the electric bill. By installing subtle and creative lighting solutions like these, you’ll be able to give your home a unique touch while still providing your space with the necessary lighting. So the next time you’re looking to up the ante on your outdoor design, consider where you can add some interesting lighting features. You’ll not only be able to entertain outdoors much more easily – but your landscape’s design will finally get the attention it deserves – even during the darker hours of the day.


Online Poker Players- Top 10 List

Isaac Baron dikenal luas sebagai salah satu pemain turnamen dan permainan uang terbaik di poker online. Pada tahun 2007, Isaac dinobatkan sebagai CardPlayer Online Player of The Year. Dalam karir pokernya, Isaac Baron telah mengantongi hadiah uang lebih dari $3.000.000, merebut 13 gelar, dan menjadi salah satu pemain poker online paling terkenal. Kemenangan Ishak yang paling bergengsi datang dalam acara PokerStars Sunday Million, Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee, dan PokerStars $200 Rebuy. Meskipun Baron mulai lebih memusatkan perhatiannya pada permainan uang dan aksi turnamen langsung, dia masih merupakan ancaman untuk menjatuhkan turnamen apa pun yang dia ikuti. Penampilan Meja Final Tur Poker Eropa baru-baru ini menjaring Isaac Baron hampir $1.000.000, dan memperkuat tempatnya sebagai salah satu pemain poker turnamen online atau langsung terbaik.

Alex AJKHoosier1 Kamberis

Dengan lebih dari $ 3,300,000 dalam kemenangan poker karir, AJKHoosier1 tidak dapat disangkal pada daftar pendek pemain poker online terbaik. Alex mulai bermain poker pada tahun 2006 dan setelah awal yang solid untuk karirnya pada tahun 2007, ia meledak ke dunia poker pada tahun 2008 dengan hanya di bawah 2,8 juta dolar dalam kemenangan turnamen agen judi poker online.

Pada tahun 2008, AJKHoosier1 adalah CardPlayer Online Player of the Year, dan telah mengumpulkan 122 cash dan 9 gelar dalam karirnya yang singkat. Seperti banyak pemain poker online yang dominan, Alex telah mulai bercabang di turnamen poker langsung, dan pasti akan menjadi lawan yang tangguh di turnamen poker langsung atau online yang dia ikuti.


Shaun Deeb adalah pemimpin saat ini dalam perlombaan CardPlayer Online Player of the Year, dan telah menjadi salah satu pemain poker online teratas selama beberapa tahun terakhir. Deeb baru-baru ini menghapus Jaminan $75.000 dan menempati posisi ke-2 di PokerStars Super Tuesday dan Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl. Dalam karir pokernya, Shaun Deeb telah mengumpulkan lebih dari 2.000.000 kemenangan turnamen, 20 gelar poker, dan 120 uang tunai yang menakjubkan. Deeb tidak hanya sangat berbakat, tetapi dikenal sebagai penggiling poker, dilaporkan bermain rata-rata 30 turnamen sehari.


11.5g ESPN Poker Club Casino Poker Chips – Unbiased Overview

I just got the best birthday present ever. My boy friend gave me a set of 11.5g ESPN Poker Club Casino Poker Chips. I am so happy with them. We are both avid poker players and have played in a lot of home games where they used really nice Clay Casino Poker Chips like these. I was always jealous because our chips we used at our home games were not nearly as nice as the ones used at other home games.

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I like the ESPN logo on the 11.5g ESPN Poker Club Casino Poker Chips as it was not a sticker but was actually a part of the chips themselves. My old poker chips had stickers on them and half of them had come off the chips from use and from drinks being spilled on them so they were looking pretty tore up and it was embarrassing to me 바카라사이트.

Not only were these chips nice looking, but they had a nice weight to them too. I really had a good time shuffling these chips when I was looking at them. The 11.5g ESPN Poker Club Casino Poker Chips were really smooth and the colors were pretty too. My boy friend got me one hundred of each color which are blue, white, red, green and black. With all these colors, I knew it was going to be easy to tell each color apart when we play in our hosted poker game.

Since I just got the 11.5g ESPN Poker Club Casino Poker Chips for my birthday, we decided to host a game that same night. My brother, who hated using my old set of poker chips, was just flabbergasted by my new chips. He had a set similar to my old chip set and wanted to get a set of the same chips as I had gotten for my birthday.

Since my boy friend did not want me to know how much he paid for them, he took my brother to the computer and showed him the web site he got them from. I am nosy so I peeked over his shoulder to see what he paid for them and was really surprised at how inexpensive they were.

I had thought he had spent a lot of money for my birthday but there were very reasonably priced. Shortly after, we got our game going and it was very nice to play poker with a nice set of these Authentic Casino Poker Chips. I was up and down all night. Most people did not want to get involved in too many pots with me and they did not want to rail the birthday girl.

It was kind of frustrating, I wanted to play a good game, not get folded to every time I had a good hand or when I was bluffing. Overall, I came out a hundred bucks a head with my Vintage Casino Poker Chips. Not sure if I was because of my stellar play or because my friends let me win on my birthday, but it was a great birthday none the less.


How Seeing Live Baseball Action Can Excite You

A few details first about Futbol Membership Barcelona – that usually referred to as FC Barcelona (or, more affectionately, Barca), is among typically the most popular sports clubs not only in Spain, but additionally in Europe and even the remaining portion of the earth as well. While known for baseball, it is also home to competing groups in the sport of roller tennis, handball, and basketball.

This membership was established in 1899 for ab muscles basic intent behind beginning a sports club. The organization has obviously developed to outstanding prominence within the last century and firmly entrenched it self as an crucial entity in world wide sports. Its fans is found in all sides of the world wherever baseball is considered as a beloved and lovely game. Persons happen to be Europe from around to begin to see the staff in action. You can find folks from the contrary conclusion of the world that are frantically checking up on the game. They are willing to invest a small fortune on airplane passes and hotels simply to be portion of all craze. If you should be rooting because of this baseball staff and are a confessed Cule (what Barcelona fans are called), you should know wherever to purchase the game’s passes both online and traditional ดูบอลสด .For many people, purchasing the passes online is significantly more convenient.

The excitement in the air as you method the stadium on match days is completely palpable. Viewing legions of fans of all ages and genders congregate at the famous Nou Camp will give you goose bumps. It’s remarkable to see and realize what a uniting power a soccer staff may be, and once the match eventually commences, the enjoyment only can not be contained. The energy in the atmosphere can’t be denied. You’re positive to get yourself overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and excitement about you.

What do persons get from such enthusiastic fanaticism? If nothing else, promoting this type of effective and legendary staff feels nothing in short supply of fantastic. The people can continually be counted on to provide an impressive performance. The outstanding trinity of Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta is usually enough to guarantee an impressive game. Messi, in particular, can get entirely sublime at times.

If you’re not just a fan and are simply looking to see participating a game, prepare yourself to become a convert. The games could be a quasi-religious experience. You may only get a whole new Cule afterward, so move get your ticket and find out.


Defeating Used Games: Why Incentives to Discourage Pre-Owned Gaming Are Awful

Do you buy your games second-hand? Then you are a complete cheapskate and the scum of the gaming industry. You’re worse than any pirate sailing the high seas of warez. Or at least, that’s what publishers want us to think. Whether you have the right to sell the products you have purchased is irrelevant: the sale of used games is damaging the games industry.

When a new game is traded in or sold to a game store, that money is then kept by the retailer rather than reaching the hands of the hardworking developer who spent blood, sweat and tears on creating their pride and joy. The same game could be bought and sold numerous times and it can be argued that those purchases are a potential sale which has been stolen from the game companies themselves. It is true that you don’t hear the music or film industry complaining about their second-hand losses, but does creating an album or a movie compare to the amount of money and effort spent on developing a Triple-A game title? As always, it is the consumer that decides whether a game is worth its $50 price tag, and often they decide to go with a pre-owned price instead sa gaming.

Rubbish Incentives for New Purchases

Game companies already utilize a number of methods to gain extra cash after the release of their games in the form of downloadable content (DLC) and there are now incentives to buying new. Pre-order bonuses seem to be popular right now with many games including codes for additional DLC or specific in-game bonuses.

We’ll be taking a look at some of the rubbish incentives offered by publishers to encourage new purchases and what alternatives would be more welcome.

Exclusive DLC & Pre-Order Bonuses: Gamers aren’t new to the idea of receiving bonuses within collectors editions and the like, but more recently we’ve been seeing a lot of extra freebies within new games or as part of pre-ordering a title. Most of this is in-game DLC, such as new weapons and armor, new maps or various other cosmetic additions which don’t actually add that much to the game. In fact, most of this stuff you could probably live without. I don’t really need the Blood Dragon Armor in Dragon Age Origins and I can live without a tattoo set in Fable 3, thank you very much. I would go as far to say that DLC armor is one of the most pointless examples of a DLC incentive, ever. Although perhaps not as pointless as the Horse Armor from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

In some cases, the DLC offered is a little more substantial. Some games offer quests or missions, and this feels like more of a ‘thank you’ bonus. Bioware have taken this one step further by offering a DLC delivery service in Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2. This service allows players to download a series of free items, as well as access paid DLC. In Mass Effect 2, this included a few extra side-quests and exclusive armor/weapons (Groan). Player’s could also add a new character to their game squad, Zaeed, and he came with his own loyalty mission as well as a few small areas to explore plus a new weapon. Whilst this is a better incentive and adds more to the game, if you didn’t purchase Mass Effect 2 new, then getting a hold of Zaeed would cost you 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). Yikes.

The cost and worth of DLC is something to discuss at a later point, but to judge the quality of future DLC, compare it to the Undead Nightmare pack from Red Dead Redemption. For only 800 Microsoft Points ($10), a whole new single player game is unlocked which rivals the original game. It’s a stunning example of quality DLC.

Online Passes: Now this seems to be an interesting/worrying trend in recent games, delete as appropriate. It all started with EA as they introduced the idea of an ‘Online Pass’ for some of their major titles, such as Dead Space 2, The Sims 3, Madden NFL 11, etc. This online pass is a one-time code which gives access to online multiplayer functionality within their games. What this means is that you are restricted from playing online unless you either buy the game new, and thus have a pass code, or you spend $10 on acquiring this pass if you’re unfortunate enough to buy the game second-hand.

A few companies have already started to take on this system, including Ubisoft, Codemasters, Warner, THQ and now Sony. Sony will be following the same trend by offering a code at $10 for second-hand gamers and this initiative will begin with the release of Resistance 3.

Whilst online passes are a good method to create profits from potential lost sales, they’re also rather worrying as they penalize second-hand gamers, effectively stripping away a chunk of game content from the player. In some cases, the online portion of the game is much bigger than the obligatory story mode and if you’re already paying for services like Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, then it just adds on an extra fee.

Un-resettable Game Saves: Now this ‘incentive’ really does take the cake. In the recent Resident Evil Mercenaries title by Capcom on the 3DS, players are prevented from erasing their save data. This means that the game cannot be started from scratch and appears to be a direct attack against second-hand games. Now, it isn’t a big deal in Mercenaries 3D, as this data roughly translates into high scores and some unlockables, but imagine if this system was used in other games, such as an RPG? What if you bought a second-hand game which was already completed? As a result for this move, most rental stores are unwilling to stock Mercenaries 3D.


Tips For Lottery Winners – Become One Today

The lottery is one of the most common and most legal forms of gambling today. There are many types of lottery games to choose from. Some of these types are the jackpot lottery, the Power Ball lottery, and the Pick 3 games. Here are some Tips for Lottery Winners to follow.

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A player should always study the odds of winning each lottery game. This is one of the more important Tips for Lottery Winners. This is because each type of lottery offers different chances of winning. A person should also study the recent patterns and trends in the game that he or she chooses to play. A number which has not been drawn in the recent lottery draw may have a higher chance of making it to the next draw’s winning numbers’ list. Playing scratch cards also stand a better chance of winning money since most scratch cards tend to give you back the money you’ve invested in buying them or even more. You should also try to play lottery games that have lower jackpots since these games have a lower number of players and offers greater chances of winning the game lottery sambad.

Another of these Tips for Lottery Winners that people follow is that you should pick very random numbers. Try to avoid picking numbers based on birthdays since this will limit the scope of your number range. Also, try to stay away from common numbers since other people also tend to choose these same numbers and this will result to sharing your winnings with others in case your combinations win. If you like to play lottery games that need your numbers to have the exact same numbers as the winning combinations in the same sequence, then remembering to place boxed bets is one of the important Tips for Lottery Winners to practice since this will give a greater chance for your numbers to win.

You should also impose a daily limit on how much you can bet. There are some people who risk all that they have in the hopes of winning the lottery and end up being broke if they don’t win. These lottery games should be played for fun. You should only risk the money that you can afford to lose without sacrificing any important things. If you can, join an office lottery pool so that your group can buy more tickets. The more tickets that you have, the greater chances are that you’ll win. However, you should also follow one of the important Tips for Lottery Winners with regards to office pools by making an agreement about how the winnings will be split among the group members. This is done in advance to avoid conflict among people with regards to sharing the winnings. Also, take advantage of promotions and try to play tickets that pay out additional money or prizes.

The last and probably one of the most forgotten Tips for Lottery Winners to follow is to always check the winning numbers. This may come as a no-brainer for some people but there are some people who forget to check the winning numbers of the lottery games that they’ve joined. This is important because you may be holding the winning ticket but are unable to claim it since you are unaware that you’ve won. This happens to some people unfortunately.


Baccarat Casino Game – Learning The Basics

Baccarat is a popular game that is played in all casinos over the world. Baccarat casino game is also played online the same way as it is played in land based casinos. This game is usually played on a special baccarat table by two players. In a baccarat casino game, the players can bet on three options which include Player, Banker and Tie. Baccarat is a fairly easy game, but in order to increase your chances of winning, you must be familiar with the basics of the game. The very first step towards learning about baccarat is making yourself familiar with the layout of the baccarat table.

How to Play Baccarat and Win More Often

The Baccarat Table

The layout of the baccarat table is simple and you can easily get used to it. Since there are only three bets with which baccarat is played, the baccarat table reflects this simplicity. On each side of the baccarat table, there are seven numbered positions. The numbers range from one to fifteen. Most baccarat tables do not have the number thirteen. Baccarat is considered to be a game of luck and therefore the unlucky number thirteen is excluded from the table. There are three betting areas at each position which corresponds to the possible choices. You have Banker spelled out on top, then you have Player spelled out underneath. There is also an area for tie bets above the other bets ร่าทดลอง.

How The Game Works

Once you have made yourself familiar with the baccarat table, it is time to learn the basics of the game. The objective of baccarat casino game is to draw two or three card hands whose value is close to 9. All cards between 2-9 have the same values to their numbers. Cards with number 10 and all the face cards are worth zero and the ace cards equals 1. A hand can only have two or three cards and your aim is to get as close to 9.

The banker deals one card to the player and one to himself. Then he deals another card to the player and one more to himself. Depending on the total values of both the cards, you can either draw one more card to stay pat. If your hand value with the first two cards is less than 5, you can draw another card. You can make a stand with a value which is 6 or 7. If you have a value of 8 or 9, no further cards can be drawn. Your job is to choose which hand will win the game. This basically means that you have to guess which one of you has a hand value closest to 9.


A New Betting Stat That Will Make Your Head Swirl

A bad habit I have and enjoy is betting. It simply makes a game more fun to watch. Do I care all that much about the Marlins? The Twins? The Cubs? Sorry, about that last team, but no. I don’t. Of course, the one way to watch any sports game and care about the score is betting. I’m not in any way a rich man and throw out money on any game or use a site that you must start at $50 to bet. I use where you’re literally betting at max $0.50 to start with. (And that’s if you watch a short advertisement.)

Now, like everyone I started betting my favorite team or betting for the Giants because Matt Cain is pitching. This is the easy way and ultimately your money will be gone if you go that way. Everyone would have rich pockets if it was that easy. But baseball is the bet sport to do betting because MLB teams match-up more than once against other teams. So, you can get a stat already seeing if there is a team that has been dominant against one another 토토사이트.

Getting all those simple parts out of the way, I’ve learned from a new book by Joe Peta called “Trading Bases: A Story about Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball”. I’ve read it and have simple and very extent parts to betting that may help. From the book, there’s small hints to learn like how over 4 decades home teams have won at least 53% of the time. But there’s recently been a part to the book that I’ve learned that threw me off.

Of course, you’d have to read the whole book to understand his concept, but a stat called “SIERA” was suggested to be the top numbers to go by. Now, I’m no mathematician, so asking me to put up all the numbers is impossible.


Virtual Reality Casino Guide

Did you ever imagine that at some point in your life you would go to a casino… without going to a casino? Yes, you read it correctly. ‘Going but not really going’ is possible with the advanced technology. When Virtual Reality (VR) first emerged, many people were uncertain on whether to applause the news or not. Some were seriously concerned, whilst others saw it a great step in technology that will help in transforming the modern world.


We have come a long way from the online casinos of two decades ago where the attempt to make casinos as more realistic as possible hit a rock due to inadequate graphics and creativity. Thanks to the available high-tech, you can enjoy games with crystal clear graphics and sound effects in popular games like slots and online roulette madu303.

Virtual reality technology and the VR casinos are becoming more widespread and accepted by hundreds of thousands of online gamers from all over the world. Some gamblers prefer playing at a land-based casino where they are free to walk around and choose their favorite slot machines or table games over the online casinos. Regardless, you will find the VR Casinos more immersive, interactive, and entertaining.

In this guide, we explore the emergence of Virtual Reality Casinos, some of the best games you can play, the best VR casino game developers, and much much more.

What is Virtual Reality?
Virtual reality is a simulation, or better explained as an immersive computer-generated world that engages the human senses. Normally, the user must wear a VR Helmet or goggles which will take you to a virtual 3D world. The helmet is equipped with multiple LED screens and a pre-installed stereo sound system.

Since the first VR- helmet sold by SEGA hit the markets over 20 years ago, the technology has made a tremendous advancement in the quality and design of VR technology. There are four renown names which are closely associated with the VR helmets, SONY, HTC, OSVR, and Oculus Rift. These are main producers and developers or VR helmets.

It is important to understand from the start that VR technology is not only utilized in casinos but also in fields like education, health, therapy, military training, and more. But the most industry that is expected to benefit greatly is the casino. In fact, reputable sites like SlotsMillion has already paved the way for the Online Casino.

How does the VR Casino work?
As aforementioned, you will require virtual reality goggles. Once the goggles or helmet is put on, everything will blacken out before a screen appears. This is your new virtual world. The gambler interacts with the screen using a controller and of course, their hands. There is a video released by SlotsMillion Casino where viewers can witness the sweetness of playing at a VR casino.

Using this technology, players are able to enter into a standard casino with slot machines, roulette tables, cool jazzy music, bar disks, lounge couches, and much more. You can choose to gamble on the go or from the coziness of your couch.

Which games are available in VR Casinos?
Although the VR casino industry is still at an embryonic stage, a couple of great games have emerged from different software developers like Microgaming and Net Entertainment. If you are interested in playing VR casino games, you will probably come across an array of over 40 titles in SlotsMillion Casino such as Slots, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack tournaments, Gin Rummy, and Poker Dice.

VR Slots

Virtual reality slots are the most popular and played VR games. Maybe its due to their attractive graphics, animations, and sound effects. You can expect to find titles like Starburst, Fox in Wins, Ace of Spades, Pistols and Roses, Big Bad Wolf, Go Bananas, Gonzo’s Quest, and Robbin Hood Shifting Riches.

VR Blackjack

There is a good number of virtual reality Blackjack variations with the same fun and excitement as in online casinos. Using the VR goggles, you will be able to reach out and place your chips on the table, feel the cards, stand, hit, double, just like in a brick and mortar casino.

VR Roulette

Virtual reality roulette games are the third most popular in VR casinos. The reason is that it is loved by both high roller and low budget gamblers.

Who are the pioneers of Virtual Reality casino games?
Virtual Reality games are spreading at an alarming speed and many players are getting attracted to them every day. As a result, two of the most reputable software developers have taken the initiative of delivering players with the first games in VR Casinos. These companies are the true visionaries who have made this dream come true. The two main pioneers are none other than the multi-award winner, Microgaming, and Net Entertainment.

Net Entertainment

NetEnt has been in online casino industry since 1996 and it is the company responsible for the popular VR slot games like Jack and the Bean Stalk, and Jack’s World. The games come with high-quality 3D graphics, great sound effects, and animations, just as you would expect from the developer.


Online Gambling and the iPad – Match Made in Heaven

Many people, particularly in the UK, think that the Apple iPad is a device that will take online gambling to an entirely new level. Here are some of the reasons why.

For one thing, though touch screen PCs have been around in various guises for several years now, Apple has turned the technology into something that people can’t seem to get enough of. That’s because they know a lot about user interfaces and have made the iPad interface a joy to use compared to Windows tablets that used hunt and peck type styluses esc online.

Yes, iPads are expensive, but that hasn’t stopped them from selling rapidly. It only took 28 days for Apple to sell a million of them. That’s twice as fast as the first iPhone sold. The iPhone 4.0 operating system is set for November 2010 release for the iPad, and when that happens, the iPad will probably become more popular as a replacement for a netbook, TV, or game console for a lot of people.

While there is little doubt that the iPad’s top-of-the-line graphics and great user interface are perfect for gaming, there is the question of whether there will be sites and services available to allow customers to use their iPad to interact with online casinos.

Apple itself is going to stay away from anything but simulated gambling apps as long as the US internet gambling ban is officially in place. While there are plenty of workarounds for US gamers to play internet casino games, any apps for the iPad for that purpose are going to come from the casinos themselves rather than Apple, and that is a safe bet for the foreseeable future.

In May, UK gambling site Betfair started offering a downloadable internet gambling app from the iPhone App store that is available to customers in Ireland and the UK. It uses GPS to make sure that bets are only placed from the UK and Ireland, and it will not function elsewhere. All major UK sportsbooks have launched iPhone apps because of the huge customer base for these devices, and the same is likely to be true for the iPad. Sites such as PartyPoker, Full Tilt, PokerStars, and Bodog are already Mac-friendly, and are likely to step up their support for the iPad in the near future.

Why are users likely to flock to online casinos with their iPads? Partly because the devices are so comfortable to use. They have a 9.7-inch LED backlit display and weighs just a pound and a half. The fact that they work in landscape or portrait mode makes them that much more convenient, and the 10 hour battery life doesn’t hurt. They also have the fastest wireless protocol available. The graphics capabilities can handle sophisticated games, so slots and poker look great on the device. In fact, some online gambling sites have made apps that put four poker tables on the iPad at a time.

It may be awhile before online casinos will be available to US gamblers due to the still-hazy nature of internet gambling laws in the US, but apps for the iPad are proving to be very popular at other places on the planet, with UK gaming sites in particular gearing up to go live on the iPad.