Accentuate the Feel and Look of Your Event With Video Wall Displays

Keeping the audience entertained throughout the course of the event is the ultimate goal. The audience of today expects an interactive experience that they can be a part of. If you want them to actively participate in the event, it is important to think out-of-the-box. This is why large multi touch displays is the main attraction at numerous events.

Mambo, Taunton, to install large LED video wall | Somerset County Gazette

With multi-touch overlay bezels, you can transform your rear projection films, projection screens, LCD or LED flat screen display into an interactive surface. This is done by sticking IR bezel to the bezel of your display. Overlay bezels come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Companies specializing in projection walls can help design a solution to meet your specific needs, whether the requirement is for a large format projection, custom kiosks, circular table or panel-based video or a host of other applications.

The level of interaction and the most amounts of touch points include 2, 6, 10, 16, 32, and 40 simultaneous touches with custom sizes up to an astounding 250″ diagonal. To protect the hardware custom fabricate a cosmetic overlay bezel while accentuating the feel and look of your space. The screen should have high touch capacity meaning quick response to interaction with the screen by users. The screen typically responds to fingers or a stylus LED Video Walls.

Video wall display systems help to support critical operations. This is a new way to keep track, which goes beyond traditional displaying and monitoring. Video displays are popular with customers looking for the thinnest profile LCD video wall. The latest generation of video displays is the combination of excellent image quality, 24×7 reliability, redundant power supply option and unmatched ease of operation and maintenance.

If you are looking out for the thinnest profile consider getting an LCD video wall system for your event. Make most of the LCD technology’s slim profile and vibrant visual performance that will captivate the audiences immediately. These are also found in stadiums, control rooms and large public venues to observe the public at long distances. These systems can also benefit smaller venues since patrons can view the screens from up close and from a distance, respectively necessitating both high pixel density and large size.

Without the ability to interact with the screen, video wall displays would only have the features of a TV. However, with interactive systems, users can access data directly on the screen. The large interactive displays make this a new and exciting technology.

Vislogix has a proven track record of creating dynamic interactive solutions for a wide variety of large and medium-sized brands. Video wall display systems are great for corporate events, entertainment events and sporting events.