A New Betting Stat That Will Make Your Head Swirl

A bad habit I have and enjoy is betting. It simply makes a game more fun to watch. Do I care all that much about the Marlins? The Twins? The Cubs? Sorry, about that last team, but no. I don’t. Of course, the one way to watch any sports game and care about the score is betting. I’m not in any way a rich man and throw out money on any game or use a site that you must start at $50 to bet. I use where you’re literally betting at max $0.50 to start with. (And that’s if you watch a short advertisement.)

Now, like everyone I started betting my favorite team or betting for the Giants because Matt Cain is pitching. This is the easy way and ultimately your money will be gone if you go that way. Everyone would have rich pockets if it was that easy. But baseball is the bet sport to do betting because MLB teams match-up more than once against other teams. So, you can get a stat already seeing if there is a team that has been dominant against one another 토토사이트.

Getting all those simple parts out of the way, I’ve learned from a new book by Joe Peta called “Trading Bases: A Story about Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball”. I’ve read it and have simple and very extent parts to betting that may help. From the book, there’s small hints to learn like how over 4 decades home teams have won at least 53% of the time. But there’s recently been a part to the book that I’ve learned that threw me off.

Of course, you’d have to read the whole book to understand his concept, but a stat called “SIERA” was suggested to be the top numbers to go by. Now, I’m no mathematician, so asking me to put up all the numbers is impossible.