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7 Steps to Landscape a Large Yard

How do you landscape a large yard? While everyone hopes to have more space for their gardens, maintaining a beautiful and huge yard is not an easy task. But it is possible for you to have a beautiful and yet well-maintained garden if you planned it well from the start.

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Here are 7 simple steps you can take to landscape a large yard:

1. Plan your budget and decide on the number of hours you are going to devote to this project. Yes, it may sound funny but it is a project.

2. Take photographs of your yard and start visualizing how you want it to look like unique weed pipes. Compare various designs from magazines offline and online. Purchase a few copies of home decor magazines from the local bookstore or borrow it from a library. Remember that not all designs are suitable for your home. After all, the climatic and topographical conditions could be different. Have an idea of how you want to landscape it.

3. Draw the layout of your existing space and conceptualize the final design. Treat this like a survey and aim to be as accurate as you can be. Take note of the positions of trees, shrubs, pavements, ponds, etc. This will help you in designing your landscape such as where to place the flower beds, patio, shrubs, trees, etc. Talk to the local nursery before deciding on what kind of plants to use for your garden.

4. Decide how much leveling and backfilling you want to do. If you decide that you want to create a larger garden, then flatten those slopes and backfill those ponds.

5. Most people use grass for most of the flat terrain. However, mowing can be a big headache which is why many families are opting for alternative ground covers such as clover, ferns, flowering and moss. Consider garden fabric to prevent weeds from growing.

6. Consider using rock gardens as fillers for pockets of spaces where you do not know what to do with them. They are ideal for low-maintenance plants. When done well, it can add a unique and special look to your yard.

7. Always lay the irrigation pipes and electric conduits for wiring before you start planting. Miss this step and you have to start digging again.