Three Ways You Can Get a Flat Tummy

There are several things that you will read here, and none of them will be sit-ups. Crunches, as sit ups are now called, would be my last choice for you. You should not even consider sucking in your tummy to fit in those form fitting jeans when you do as I suggest. You will not need to suck in that tummy. There are less painful and longer lasting methods that will give you that mid section that you have dreamed of.

The following suggestions will help you shed inches and pounds, stop your bloating and make you feel great about how you look in those tight jeans of yours. When you do as I suggest Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews you will swear by these methods the same as I do.

You are going to be surprised at my first suggestion, I want you to snack. But I want you to make this a snack that contains protein and you must eat this snack between three p.m. and four p.m. every day. It can be a protein bar, a piece of low fat cheese or maybe an apple with some almonds. Do not miss this snack, no matter what you are doing. This snack is important as it will boost your metabolism and balance your blood sugar. Remember the lower that you keep your blood sugar, the lower you will keep your insulin. Guess what, it is this insulin that makes you store that fat around your middle section. Eating every three to four hours will keep your blood sugar even. A lot of you think going five or six hours without eating is good for your weight, but it actually messes with your metabolism and your weight gets out of control.

If you eat close to zero grams of sugar, this will keep your insulin levels low and keep your levels of glucagons high. Glucagon, which is a hormone, is the best pal you could ever find to help you have a flat tummy! This hormone will actually gobble up fat and use it as energy, a wonderful friend this glucagon. Get acquainted with this new friend, as stated earlier the closer to zero grams of sugar that you consume, the higher your glucagons. Now you can do that can’t you? Hurry up and begin consuming almost zero grams of sugar.

My last piece of advice is chewing. You are to chew your food until it is like applesauce in your mouth. I bet you did not know that your digestion actually begins in your mouth. If you chew properly you will digest your food properly and that means less gas and bloating for you. Thus you will have a flat tummy. As always, you must eat well to be well.