First Degree Burn – University Graduates Are Suffering

A first-degree burn can be defined as a minor burn causing pain and sometimes resulting in the victim going into shock. The burn is easily treated and heals relatively quickly with little or no medication..

A large amount of University students are experiencing a different kind of first-degree upon graduation.

Throughout their entire “school life” they have been told to go to high school, work hard to get good marks to get into a well-known university and graduate university with a degree and begin their career. They have been told that a degree is the key to differentiating themselves from the competition, a way to get the upper hand in a job interview and a pretty good shot at most entry-level positions in their chosen field. Their degree will be the reason they succeed at work, at home and at play lam bang dai hoc chinh quy.


The world of work that they have been prepared for no longer exists. It’s no longer about who has graduated university. It is now about who has the right education, experience and ambition for the job. It is about who is willing to creatively solve problems and innovate.

A university degree by itself hardly holds the weight it used to. “We live in a world where a university degree alone is worth what a college diploma (community college in the U.S.) has been worth in the past. You now need a Master’s to equal what a bachelor’s used to be and a PhD to be at par with Master’s degrees of old.” Says Ryan Porter a Youth Transition Specialist for Canadian company, What’s Next?… Transition Strategies.

He goes on to explain, “University used to be an institution of higher learning where people went to get an education they couldn’t get elsewhere. Today, you can boot up your PC head over to MIT’s website and gain instant access to over 1700 of their courses from sciences to humanities and it’s all free! The Internet and instant access to information is changing education and the worst part is, many educators don’t know it”


Educators must start showing students how to create experiences for themselves and how to find and most importantly use the information they have. They must examine the trends of education and work and realize that the formula is drastically different than when they were advised to “just go to university and get a degree.”

Before you go into shock, take a deep breath and recognize that a university degree isn’t exactly worthless. Of course it can open doors. Of course it still shows hard work and dedication. Keep in mind however, that employers want the people who have passion for their field not just someone who listened to their guidance counselor in grade 11.

Just remember that this is a minor burn. It’s easily treated with a little bit of research, passion and dedication. Don’t worry it will heal relatively quickly with little or no medication.


Free Streaming Videos

Many of the free videos being streamed are clips from newscasts – the weather report or an interview with a politician or celebrity. Movie and music companies also offer free streaming videos in the form of movie trailers and music videos. Sports websites offer free streaming videos of the day’s sports highlights – the dunk from a basketball game or the grand slam homerun from a baseball game.

News and sports websites also have a portion of their webpage space dedicated for streaming advertisement videos. Internet users are treated to a whole array of commercials that they also see on the television.

A lot of educational organizations provide free streaming videos of lectures, presentations, and demonstrations. Other organizations even provide videos of documentaries.

Although most of the free videos flooding the Internet are considered mainstream, there are also a lot of free videos posted online by your average Internet user. There are a lot of websites Prostastream that offer free video streaming services, allowing users to upload their “homemade” videos and share them with the entire Internet-surfing population.

Another type of content that currently takes up a large share of the free streaming video market is made by adult video companies. Internet pornography accounts for a large portion of Internet users’ consumption.

So while there are advantages to having free access to streaming videos online, there is also a risk involved, especially with children who use the Internet.


Industrial Machinery and Equipments

The world of industrial machinery has been around for quite some time now and is becoming more popular with time. With growing demands for industrial products, there has been an increased demand of industrial machinery. This has given birth to numerous manufacturing companies that produce different kinds of machines and other tools used in industrial activities. These companies have also contributed a lot in the development of the world of science and technology as well.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment Industry

However, industrial machinery requires proper maintenance and proper handling. This will prevent the breakdown of the machinery and will also increase its life span Proper handling not only saves the company’s money but also saves the environment from further pollution. There are many types of industrial equipments and tools available in the market, and they include power saws, blenders, compressors, pressure washers, generators, welding equipments and many more. Each of these is required for a specific type of industry. In addition to this, there are also many companies that manufacture industrial machinery that is both branded and reputed.

These companies manufacture industrial equipment and tools at low costs and then sell them at a good price. This has made the competition stiff in the world of industrial machinery, leading to an increase in the prices as well as the variety of the equipments. There are manufacturers such as Honda, Volvo, Komatsu, Mercedes Benz, GMC, Motorola, Fiat, Nissan and Others that manufacture industrial machinery. So, if you are looking for machinery that will fulfill your needs and serve your purpose, then you can rely on the brand names that you can find with just a few clicks.

These manufacturers have websites where they provide all the details about their products. You can easily purchase the products, and you can even get them installed at your business premises. These companies are also available online and can be contacted through their websites and through telephonic services. If you wish to customize the products or wish to have something personalized then there are a number of companies that specialize in this.

The best thing about these brands is that they also stock products from other leading companies at a discount. This is because the market is so competitive and they want to retain their customers by offering them good deals on the products. You should check out the various products and their prices before selecting the one that suits you.

The best place to search for industrial machinery & equipments is the Internet. There are various websites that specialize in selling industrial equipment and products. Most of these sites have an easy to navigate interface and provide product information as well as customer support. Most of the industrial companies that have an online presence have an Internet presence as well.


Medical Malpractice Injuries

In the mid 70s, The California Hospital and Medical Associations commissioned a study on medical malpractice insurance. The study revealed shocking results – that one out of every twenty patients who sought treatment in hospitals were injured because of medical malpractice, and one out of every ten patients died as a result.

In the 80s, a similar study conducted in over fifty hospitals in New York by a team from Harvard revealed that of the 31,000 hospital records reviewed, nearly 8,000 – one in four patients – showed evidence of possible medical injury.

The crisis is not over. According to the Institute of Medicine, close to 100,000 people die each year from medical malpractice errors. The most common medical malpractice injuries are:

Birth Injuries

Complications in childbirth can cause injury or death to the baby, the mother, or both, especially when the attending doctor fails to deliver adequate care before or during the delivery. The inadequate care may be through failure to administer blood tests to detect abnormalities, failure to recognize the signs of fetal distress, failure to provide proper prenatal care, failure to recognize the signs of respiratory distress, failure to perform a Caesarian section where it was necessary, hastening the delivery process resulting in breech delivery and broken bones, or failure to properly care for a premature baby. The doctor’s negligence could result in the following:

o Cerebral palsy – permanent brain damage to the baby’s motor control centers in the brain, which is characterized by motor dysfunction, e.g. spasms and lack of muscular coordination
o Erb’s palsy or brachial palsy – injury to the nerves surrounding the baby’s shoulder when it is unable to come out of the birth canal (shoulder dytocia), causing arm paralysis
o Facial paralysis – injury to the baby’s facial nerve, usually caused by forcep delivery
o Clavicle fracture – when the baby’s clavicle or collarbone breaks; usually happens in breech births

Surgical Injuries

Many medical malpractice injuries happen in the operating room, usually because of poor pre-operative planning and care. This sometimes leads to irreparable or fatal consequences. Mistakes such as the improper or untimely administration of anesthesia, improper surgical technique, accidentally puncturing or cutting internal organs, operating on the wrong body part or the wrong patient, leaving surgical instruments or materials inside the body, and failing to diagnose and treat post-operative infections can result in the following:

o Asphyxia – suffocation or the loss of oxygen to body parts, caused by Prostate Protocol anesthesia errors
o Blindness
o Spinal cord injuries
o Paralysis
o Torn or punctured organs
o Hypoxic and anoxic brain injuries – partial (hypoxic) or total (anoxic) lack of oxygen in the brain
o Amputation
o Cardiovascular problems
o Coma

Infections, Septicemia and Bleeding

Sterile conditions are critical during surgeries in order to prevent infection. Failure to maintain a sterile environment in surgeries has proven to cause infections and/or bleeding, sometimes with fatal results. Infections are also known to be caused during blood transfusions, particularly when the wrong blood type is given in emergency situations. Hospitals are required by law to have infection protocols, and to monitor surgery patients to avoid infections and excessive bleeding.

Misdiagnosis or Failure to Diagnose

There are cases when a person’s life depends on what the doctor does or does not do. It is the doctor’s responsibility to find out if there is something wrong with the patient, and what that is. To this end, the doctor must order medical tests and closely review the test results to help determine the patient’s illness. Wrong diagnosis or the failure to diagnose an illness can sometimes lead to serious diseases, chronic pain, or even death. Some of the most common undiagnosed illnesses are:

o Cancer – breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer
o brain tumors
o Ischemia – the deprivation of oxygen to parts of the body
o Pneumonia
o Mesothelioma – a type of cancer affecting the abdomen, liver or heart, caused by exposure to asbestos dust
o Asbestosis – lung disease caused by the inhalation of asbestos particles

The doctor’s negligence in examining and ordering tests to make a correct judgment on illnesses can also lead to misdiagnosis of:

o Appendicitis
o Lyme disease
o Heart disease and other cardiac problems
o Cervical cancer
o Malignant melanomas and skin cancer


Want to Eliminate Heartburn and Acid Reflux? Try Increasing Your HCl!

Did you know that one of the underlying causes of most digestive disorders is low stomach acid?

Can’t break the acid reflux or heartburn cycle?

Did you know that you are not supposed to take antacid for more than 8 weeks?

Many people are probably not aware that their stomach is not making enough stomach acid, especially if they are popping antacid like candy. Stomach acid known as hydrochloric acid (HCl) is necessary for many bodily functions especially for aid in food digestion.

Many people take antacid to alleviate heartburn or ingestion, but what is not known is that, in most cases, lowering the acid in the stomach causes more problems in the long run. What you wonder? The biggest problem is your body won’t be able to make enough stomach acid to do a proper job in keeping your gastrointestinal tracts healthy and support your immune system.

What does HCl do?

• Breaks down food for digestion, including proteins

• Kills toxic bacteria in foods

• Kills pathogens that are ingested

• Balances the pH levels (acid/alkaline level) in the stomach

• Supports immune health in the small intestines

More acidity details:

Protein eater – HCl activates an enzyme called pepsin so that it can digest proteins. Protein is critical for the maintenance and building blocks of every cell in including collagen, hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, antibodies, hair, skin nails and muscles.

Love Sushi? – HCl also assists killing microorganisms that exist in the Acidaburn food we eat, especially if you like to eat raw food like sushi. It also prevents food from sitting and fermenting in the stomach.

Pathogen Killer – HCl is important to prevent food poisoning, yeast, bacterial, viral, bacteria, parasitic, and protozoan infections from parasitic diseases, i.e., such in cases of malaria, African sleeping sickness, etc.

Team player – HCl aids with proper mineral absorption such as iron, magnesium, and zinc-all minerals that, along with calcium, contribute to making bone in your body. Chemical and electrical processes are occurring every moment. These processes can function correctly ONLY if the balanced minerals are ingested properly.

Don’t take your HCl for granted!

What does HCl, or hydrochloric acid, do for you? Everyone needs proper levels of stomach acid in order to break down foods and absorb nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, and folic acid. If you don’t have enough stomach acid, you can’t fight off infections or invasive bacteria. HCl is crucial in preventing bacteria from migrating from the small intestines and colonizing in the stomach. Think about the last time when you were sick – did it take a long time to get over it?

People diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Celiac Disease, GERD, or IBS, have stomach acid problems. If you have made changes in your diet and lifestyles and you are not seeing results, check with your health provider.


If you experience acid reflux, heartburn, burping, gas, or nausea after eating, it is likely that you have low stomach acid.

Why Does this happen?

There is a constant pressure in the abdomen known as intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). A normal stomach has an IAP between 0 to 55 mm Hg. When there is insufficient stomach acid, IAP increases and pushes against the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Since the lining of esophagus lacks the protective coating that the stomach has, any stomach acid that is pushed up into the LES touches the lining of the esophagus and produces a painful burning sensation.


Boat Locks

There are many types of boat locks, the type depends on what kind of boat it is and what is being secured. Most manufacturers use locks that have the same lock code meaning that your key might open another boat or theirs might open yours. Whatever lock is used; it should be weather resistant and resistant to salt spray. Let’s look at where these locks are used.

  • Boats that are towed on a trailer have glove compartments and smaller cabinets that can be secured.
  • The trailer can have a special lock to secure it when being stored. These locks prevent the trailer and boat from being stolen.
  • As the boats get larger, such as cruisers, more things have to be Divine Locks secured and more locks are used.
  • Front door lock on larger type boats.
  • Interior locks are larger boats.

The most important lock on a larger type boat is the front door lock. As the boat gets larger we tend to put more of our personal belongings and more electronics on it. Some of the types of boats are cruisers, houseboats and sail boats. Many people live of these types of boats so it’s even more important for them to have a secure front door.

The first thing that we should do is make sure the lock is secure; this means you should be reasonably sure the keys are limited. These locks should be weather resistant; this means that it should stand up well to water intrusion and salt spray. Also, make sure that the mechanism that latches the door shut operates freely and is well lubricated. Limit the keys that you might give to another person and know where they are at all times.

For smaller boats the most important lock will be the one that securers the boat trailer. Most trailer latches have a hole that can accept a padlock or a special rod lock that goes through this hole. This keeps the trailer and boat from being stolen when stored or it prevents the trailer from being stolen when the boat is being used. The padlock, if used, should be a weather resistant one that has limited keys, these are usually available from authorized service centers. The rod lock uses a type of cam lock and like the padlock it should be weather resistant with limited keys.


Steel Producer Facts And Information

There are many factors that will determine which steel producer will be chosen to supply the world with its raw materials. This is because the choice of which nation to source from will have a significant impact on the security of the nation and the global economy in general. If a nation has a weak economy, then the quality of its steel will be directly related to how well the economy performs.

Mẫu nhà 1 tầng mái tôn đẹp 12x20m tại Đồng Nai NDBT1T122 - Thiết kế Thi  công Nhà đẹp

Steel is the second most important ingredient used in the manufacture of everything from buildings to cars and trucks. It accounts for roughly 20% of all the steel used in the United States, as it is used for everything from bridges to skyscrapers. The United States currently consumes more steel than any other country in the world, and as such the U.S. steel producer is the world’s largest steel producer nha khung thep. Canada is second; however, both countries produce a large amount of scrap steel.

In terms of where steel is grown, India is currently the world’s largest producer. India is a major steel producer because of the low cost of production there, as well as the fact that the Indian government encourages this method. The biggest reasons for this are the climate and the regulations. With less than ideal weather throughout much of the year in India, and a cumbersome bureaucracy that often stifle investment opportunities, the government encourages industrial expansion by allowing local producers to tap into the Indian market. For example, auto industry manufacturers in India have recently announced plans to expand their operations in Kentucky, Indiana and Missouri.

India is also one of the leading producers of low-cost or carbon steel products. Because carbon steel products require a higher amount of energy to heat and cool, they are cheaper and provide a higher yield than most other forms of steel. Because of the need for these products, India is rapidly expanding its steelmaking raw materials industries including steel mills and a variety of fabrication plants. Most of the steel milling products made in India are used for commercial applications because they are flexible and durable. As a result, India is also an important provider of labor for construction projects, including those in the aerospace industry.

Steel is manufactured and supplied to many countries around the world. One such company is Alloc, which is based in India. Alloc produces and supplies a variety of alloys including ferrous and nonferrous metals, alloys of aluminum, steel and stainless steels. The United States and India are both important providers of steel products, including corrosion resistant alloys and stainless steel, and are key players in the global steel market. Steel plays an important role in developing countries because it increases the gross domestic product (GDP) and the living standard of individuals.

When buying steel products, you are looking at purchasing a durable and consistent product, as well as one that is affordable when compared with alternative building materials. Since purchasing from a steel producer can be a more expensive proposition than purchasing other types of building materials, it is important that you shop around and do your homework. It is possible to find a good producer in India at a reasonable price, making the Indian market an excellent choice for your investment needs. In addition to this, if you purchase your steel products from a reputable manufacturer, you can be confident that you will get excellent service and a product that are consistent and reliable. Whether you are looking for a durable building material to use in a factory or as a part of a construction project, or you need high quality alloys for a new car, it is possible to find what you need from an Indian company.


The Battle Between Smart Phones and PDA – Which Is the Wiser Choice?

Since its introduction to the mobile market, smart phones have taken over the arena but this does not necessarily mean that PDAs have been outdated and outmoded. A lot of still prefer to purchase PDAs for their “organizing” capacities which are very useful and productive at work and for personal utilities. Provided with these facts, a lot of people are wondering, what then is the difference between the two? Why do some users prefer PDAs than phones and why do others prefer the other way?

LG Calls It Quits on Smartphones - WSJ

Here are their basic differences: an internet phone is a combo device that combines the organizing abilities of the PDA and the communication capacity of cell phones. Although its features tend to overlap the capacity of that of a PDA, there are still separate devices for your different needs. Here are some pros and cons for each device redmi note 8:

If You Want to Save, Use a PDA

If you will try to calculate the cost that you will incur when you purchase a PDA, you will realize that it is relatively cheaper than most smart phones. On the initial phase, the purchase of a phone can be less than that of a PDA. However, since carriers have monthly charges, you will often pay more for your smart phone than your PDA. Additional costs for your smart phones can be incurred when you purchase plans that include not only voice and text services but wireless connectivity as well. In the long run, you will incur more cost with your smart phone than its “communication-less” counterpart.

Going Online with Smart Phones and PDAs

As previously mentioned, smart phones have the capacity to connect to the internet and transfer wireless data as long as there are cellular signals. Using it, you can practically go online anywhere and at anytime as long as your it has service. This is made possible by carriers that come with your smart phones.

Since PDAs do not connect to wireless carriers, they cannot afford to have the same connectivity capacity. However, most PDAs are able to connect online through wi-fi and Bluetooth technologies. There are a lot of PDAs that have these capacities which then makes surfing the internet, sending and receiving online fax, checking email and downloading music, files and videos also possible with your PDA.

Sacrifices for Converged Devices

For two devices to be converged, some functionality may be sacrificed. For instance, converged PDA and cell phones may have smaller screens which will make it hard to read documents, online fax messages and spreadsheets using your smart phone. While this is also a possibility with phones, it can get pretty annoying especially if you have to continually scroll sideways, up and down to view a particular document. There is also the risk of losing all your information if you only have one device. If, for instance, you lost your phone, then all your documents and contacts goes with it but if you have two separate devices, then you will only worry about losing your documents when you lose your PDA but not your cell phone.


Say Good Bye To Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles For Good

The eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul. They are also among man’s most noticeable features. They must be well cared for as our skin is constantly exposed to damaging, toxic elements, and the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate tissue on the body. Puffy eyes occur due to things like excessive crying and allergies. Crying causes the eyes to redden and swell, resulting in eye irritation. Hormonal changes, stress, alcohol, and lack of sleep are also detrimental to the tissue around the eyes. Another problem, unsightly dark circles, are usually the result of lack of sleep, nasal congestion, and/or vitamin deficiency.

The most alarming aspect of puffy eyes for beauty-conscious people is that it can lead to premature aging that manifests through the emergence of wrinkles, lines, and crow’s feet. Fortunately, there are now many good anti-aging skincare products to counteract these visual assaults on our faces, necks, and hands; specifically, there are now eye creams that effectively combat the signs of aging and diminish dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. A good eye cream is a beauty necessity.

Conventional Versus Contemporary

Eye Treatment Two widely used home remedies for fighting puffiness and dark circles are cucumbers and green tea bags. Though traditionally believed to reduce the swelling and remove unwanted shadows around the eyes, the fact is that they only provide short-term relief through their cooling effect on the skin. Similarly, applying eye makeup is a short-term solution as it only covers up the existing problem.

Modern science is constantly developing new anti-aging skincare that can have lasting effects on the eyes, and the purchase of an eye cream that has been scientifically formulated to eliminate puffiness and dark circles is surely a wise investment. Ageless Derma Eye Cream is a powerful new anti-aging treatment that helps to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. Its unique formula combines Retinol, the purest form of Vitamin A, with Vitamins C, E and K to soften the appearance of dark circles, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture around the delicate eye area.

Free Yourself from Worn Out Eyes

Few things are more beautiful and more representative of good health than a young woman’s eyes. However, things like work, outdoor recreation, and busy schedules can make eyes look tired–dark circles may appear and premature aging may also set in.

Hylexin is a product that helps prevent capillaries from leaking by providing a good atmosphere for enzymatic processes to occur. Bremenn Research Labs manufactures Hylexin and its clients have had a 72% success rate in lightening dark circles. Hylexin can be used on sensitive parts of the eye  Derma Prime Plus because it is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and scent-free.

Ageless Derma Eye Cream is an effective product for dark circles around the eyes. It contains powerful antioxidants, coenzyme 10, Sodium Hyaluronate, vitamins A, K, E and C, Retinol, Argireline and peptides. Research done in the Department of Dermatology, Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan, indicates that this combination of ingredients is very effective in eliminating dark circle around the eyes.

Another product worth mentioning is Vivier’s Dark Circle Diminishing Eye Cream. It contains a valuable mixture of vitamins C and K. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, while vitamin K has restorative properties. Massaging this product into the eye area daily has provided noticeable results.

Products that Reduce Eye Puffiness

Your skin type and lifestyle are unique to you, and as you age, it’s important to understand how to choose the best eye care products to complement your needs. Factors like age, the level of repair and restoration needed, the amount of hydration needed, and the nutritional requirements for your skin should all play a role in your skincare purchasing decisions. Anti-aging products, particularly those products that treat puffiness around the eyes, are always evolving and becoming more sophisticated. With so many products on the market, choosing a good eye treatment can be difficult.


Medical Marijuana – The Federal Response

Obviously, the medical marijuana laws exist in individual states only and there are no federal laws allowing the use and production of cannabis for medicinal purposes. In fact, federal laws prohibiting possession, sale and production of Cannabis are in direct conflict with many of the various state laws that allow the medicinal use of prescription pot.

Until recently, the actual federal response to state medical marijuana rules was an unknown, but after a memo came out of the U.S. Justice Department on October 9th, 2009 from Attorney General Eric Holder, the federal government’s position has become a little less opaque wisely hemp cbd oil for cats.

The memo outlines how federal resources throughout the fifty states should continue to focus on fighting organized narcotics trafficking, however, it also states that resources shouldn’t be wasted on individuals that are in clear compliance with local county and state rules regarding medical marijuana. This position received additional justification after massive budget shortfalls in law enforcement occurred across the nation.

The Justice Department memo also discusses how criminal organization may be masked as legal operations for the production of medicinal cannabis and these organizations should be sought out with a few guidelines in mind. If a potential suspect or group of suspects is in possession of illegal firearms or uses them illegally in combination with growing cannabis, the government may also initiate an investigation.

If a group of suspects is producing cannabis while perpetrating violence, selling to minors, producing or selling other illegal substances or working for organized crime they will be pursued, investigated and prosecuted by the government.

In addition, when production of cannabis by an individual or group of people exceeds state limits on weight harvested or mature plants present at a particular grow site, then they can expect government investigation and prosecution as well. Evidence of money laundering or possession of more cash flow than possible under proper compliance with state rules could be grounds for investigation too.

The memo from Attorney General Eric Holder clearly outlines the government’s intentions. If you are a legitimate medical marijuana patient that complies with all state and county laws regarding the possession and production of cannabis you have nothing to fear from authorities.

If you try to hide behind them that were passed to help people with serious illnesses not have limits in their medication choices and perpetrate crimes while doing so, you will be investigated and prosecuted under statutes.