Embarking on an Adventure Tour to China

So you have finally decided to take a tour to China; like every other new tourist in a foreign land, you begin to wonder what to expect in a country like China. Traveling to China is an adventurous experience which enriches your knowledge about culture, history and nature.

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China is one of the most over populated country in the world; Apart from its diverse conservative cultures and traditions for which it is known, it is becoming one of the top major tourist destinations for travelers wishing to explore Asia. Many travelers and tourists have their fears about the safety, security and language barrier in China, but with the number of foreigners and tourists working and visiting big Chinese cities, you cannot but be tempted to embark on an adventure tour to China.

A very interesting fact about China is that it is borders fourteen countries on all its sides. This makes it easier for travelers and tourists to gain entry from any part of the country, although the formality of securing a Chinese visa is required. With a vast mainland, China has a lot of large and popular cities out of which Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Xian and Yunnan serve as the most interesting places for tourists to visit. Other common destinations are the Great Wall of China, Tibet, Silk Road and the Hainan Island which is the tropical paradise of China.

China also has natural wonders like the famous Mount Huangshan popularly known as the Yellow Mountains and the Yangtze River. Tourists love to partake in the Yangtze River Cruise traveling more than 3900 miles from one end to the other. The longest river in China and one of the longest in the world, the river runs through eight provinces and has more than 700 tributary rivers with different itineraries for tourists and business trading operations. It is a common river cruise which many travelers tour because of the spectacular sceneries dotted by cliffs and curves in the gorges. A popular itinerary along the river cruise is between Chongqing and Wuhan Silk Road economic belt.

The host the upcoming 2008 Olympics, Beijing is the historical city of China. There are various monuments and ancient Chinese architecture to see which demonstrates the history of ancient civilization. Places to visit in Beijing include the Forbidden City also known as the Palace Museum, the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, the Hutong villages which symbolizes the traditional housing of Chinese locals as well as other famous places. The popular man-made wonder of the world, The Great Wall of China is accessible from the north-west city of Beijing in Badaling. Badaling was the first section on the Great Wall to be opened to tourists from around the world and China. The recommended time to visit the Great Wall can last between two to three hours, but it is an experience meant to be treasured forever.

Shanghai, another popular city in China is the major commercial city in the country. So far, it has remained the most developed city and an attractive spot for international and local tourists. The beauty of Shanghai is that it is divided into two by the Huangpu River, with the older town on the west bank known as Puxi, and the new development on the east side called Pudong. Places to visit in Shanghai are the Bund: which is the colonial riverside of Shanghai; French Concessions: known as the Paris of the East and Nanjing Road: China’s most famous shopping pedestrian street.

China is a big country with many places to see and with its rapid economic growth, it is opened to visitors from around the world, so wake up, strap your seat belts and experience China as it would definitely reward you with long lasting memories.


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